VinnCo. on ship 02 now recruiting!

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I just recently got back into the game after dropping it a year ago. A lot has changed, and since I've been gone, the community put together a really good translation pack that is easy to use and seems to update both the main game and the English translation regularly without the two fucking with each other. Any duders playing? Has anyone made a Giantbomb team/guild yet? My robot is on ship 02 block-20, which still seems to be the place all the English speakers are. If no one has made a guild yet, send me a friend request and I'll see if I can get one started. My Player ID/character name is Zackdaniels/Gunn.

EDIT: I've searched and searched and couldn't find any Giantbomb guilds, so I made one! You can request a invite either at the visiphone, (purple floating terminal) or send me a friend request and I'll add you, Name and Player ID above. If you go the visiphone route, and don't have the translation pack, it's the second to last option called "search teams requesting new members". It's under V, so scroll a few pages and you should find it.

I also spent like an hour making the Giantbomb logo with their Guild flag designer. The options are super limited compared to actual full fledged symbol art, so it looks super small & shitty. At least you can kind of tell it's a bomb. Kind of.

Here's a link for anyone looking to get their feet wet: PSO2 Registration Guide


Getting the game installed.

Translated story, for those interested.

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I'm down to play. I'll send you a friend request when the servers are back. What time do you usually play?

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@soultaker: I have a lot of free time lately, but normally I game anywhere between 5PM to 12AM

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@doctordonkey: Ok, I game around that time too. I'm low lvl btw; I hope that's not a problem.

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@soultaker: I just started playing again so I'm like level 3, so we're in the same boat.

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@doctordonkey: Are you online right now? I'm SoulTaker in game.

Edit: Never mind; I just read your edit.

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@doctordonkey: I'm curious I did the beta (it was my first time playing a PSO game) and then when I got to all the feeding of weapons and items I stopped due to being very confused. If I were to try get back in would my beta guy still be use able or would I have to start fresh again?

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@gtcknight: Yup, beta characters carry over. With all the English patches it is A LOT less confusing then it once was, even the story is translated. PSO-world also has so many extensive guides its easy to look stuff up. Now that the game has been out for awhile, people have figured everything out.

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@doctordonkey: Huh, thanks for the info. I might look into getting back into it. I enjoyed what little tiny bits of PSO2 I played during the beta.

I do know that was aboard one of the popular English speaking ships at the time.

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I've been meaning to get back into this. Is the English patch still a thing? Also I'm on Ship 02 but never got very far with a character so I'm going to start a new one and would be down to play with duders.

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@doctordonkey: I almost checked it out way back whenever, but didn't want to deal with manual English patches. Now that there's a tool that handles that, along with the fact I've lost all hope in waiting for an official US release, I'll give it another shot. Thanks for posting that guide and making a guild.

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I have a Vita. Does anyone here play this game on the Vita? I think it'd be pretty funny/good/sexy to play this game on the Vita over 3G.

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@ghostytrickster: The new English patch stuff is called PSOtweaker. You kinda just download that and never worry about manual patches ever again.

@fattony12000: Vita and PC players play together, there are a set amount of blocks available for PC, Vita and Vita+PC.

I've updated the original post with some more links.

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Wish there was a way to transfer my Ship 5 character back and forth...

I have that extra free slot from the bravers update. Might just make use of that.

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@doctordonkey: Wow that is a lot easier than it used to be. Downloading that and the story stuff now, see you duders on Ship 02!

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@ghostytrickster: The new English patch stuff is called PSOtweaker. You kinda just download that and never worry about manual patches ever again.

@fattony12000: Vita and PC players play together, there are a set amount of blocks available for PC, Vita and Vita+PC.

I've updated the original post with some more links.

I assume the Vita version is stuck to Japanese though, since console games aren't as easily moddable and stuff like that? I'm kinda into the idea of importing a copy for the hell of it though, I'll probably have to import a 64GB card anyway.

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@fisk0: Yeah, there are no translations for the Vita version. You will eventually just learn the placement of things on the menu and don't need to worry about it too much once you've played it enough. At least that's how I managed when I played it a year ago during the beta. The bulk of the game is combat anyway so navigating the menu is only a problem when you first start playing and don't understand where anything is, cause you can just look up guides for everything else.

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@fisk0: @doctordonkey: Yup, that's part of the appeal for me though! Gotta get that Sick Japanese Anime Knowledge from somewhere! I'm super into getting imports for this great little Japanese Portable Video Game Player Machine that I have.

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@fattony12000: Oh, you mean the JPVGPM™? The marketing for that thing was SUPER weird.

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@fisk0: @doctordonkey: Yup, that's part of the appeal for me though! Gotta get that Sick Japanese Anime Knowledge from somewhere! I'm super into getting imports for this great little Japanese Portable Video Game Player Machine that I have.

I don't disagree, I grew up playing the Chinese fighting game Sango Fighter on PC not even realizing that the game was in Chinese until I got older and noticed I really didn't understand what anything meant, only that the second option on the menu screen took you into a two player match. An MMO may have a few more barriers to get past when you don't know the language though, even though I'm sure there are guides out there on how to get started.

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I'm just gonna leave this message for posterity, but I'll hit you up with a friend request soon since I've mostly soloed my way to the 40s and it'd be nice to have company more often. I've been getting back into the game something fierce, so it'll be nice to actually learn what this guild stuff is all about finally. Expect to find something from chiemcyukiko/ツノク・チエ within the next couple of hours when I have time to log back into the game. I don't play with the English patch since I speak Japanese, so try not to mind me so much if I get confused over some of the English terminology since that's not what I'm familiar with when playing that game at all. On the other hand, you're free to mooch off of me for anything that remains untranslated or for when the translation patch gets broken between updates!

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I went ahead and asked to join. Hope to see everyone online! My player name is ZDR666

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Is this guild still active? I'm a bit late to the party here and didn't know if any duders were still playing this.

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I took a long break from this and kind of just left VinnCo. to hanging, but I'm back! In lieu of the complete drought in new releases, I started playing again. If anyone is still playing, or interested in playing (in which case, refer to the guides I posted), shoot a guild invite request my way (again, refer to my post on how to do this) and I'll get you in.

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I'm still waiting for this game to come out.

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So they cancelled the US release, right? Wasn't it supposed to be like Q1 2013? I was waiting for that, but I guess since that's never happening I might as well go ahead and download it and get the translation pack.

I haven't read any of the guides above yet (about to leave for work). Is it super easy to install? Another reason I never bothered was that I didn't want to have to deal with reapplying a translation patch once a week.

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@ajamafalous: Nah, They've automated all of that with PSOtweaker.

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There still people playing this on 02? i have a character tho im not massively high level

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@m_shini: There are a lot of people on Ship 2 Block 20 including myself.

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@bedouin: well im meggerzorg on steam if anyone wants to play since i don't really have anyone playing it other than one other friend

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I'm just now getting into this thing, so I'll try to shoot a few of you duders a friend request.

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If any of you duders still play the game I would love to play some with you guys.

My Player ID is DanPersona666 amd my character name is Izanami

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After hearing the legend of this game for what seems to be an eternity now, delving into the madness. Never played a translated game like this before, it's kind of exciting. I'll send you a request online.

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I've decided to give this a try, too. My character is AdamT

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@hellerphant: Even if you don't use the english patches it's not nearly the trial you would think it is and if you do use them it's downright easy.

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I was tempted to give this another shot recently but heard that US connections were blocked and you needed to mess with VPNs to play now. Is that true?

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@alanm26v5: It was true for quite some time but hasn't been the case for a couple months now.

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I don't think anyone is doing anything with this guild anymore.

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I played for about 2.5 hours last night an really enjoyed myself. I play FFXIV daily, so this was a fun departure. I would like to keep playing if I can get some people to group with. Right now my Hunter is lvl 12, but I'll run earlier quests to help out anyone.

Edit: I wa just thinking, there must be an English Gaf or other gaming site guild out there. If the GB community only has a handful of players, we should look into joining one of those. I'd check, but I'm at work for the next couple hours.

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