Warning: Gameguard issues after 8/15/12 patch

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Apparently Gameguard is causing serious problems with people's PCs after last night's update. From bumped:

After Gameguard was updated on Monday, August 13th, players have reported that the game no longer starts, the mouse and keyboard no longer work properly, and how there are various major bugs outside of the game.

Sega would like to collect data related to this problem in order to investigate the cause of this malfunction. Please kindly send this information outlined below.

In your installation directory, look for a folder called “GameGuard”:

  • Attach all .erl extension files and Dxdiag file. (You can generate a PSO2 Dxdiag file in the settings menu in the launcher.)
  • Compress all of these files into one file that takes up to 5MB of space.
  • Within the email write about the 「ご利用のセキュリティソフト」(Security Software) you use and the「不具合詳細」(Bugs) you’ve noted.
  • Send an email to pso2log@sega.co.jp

This email is only used for collecting information about this GameGuard update and can not reply to any inquiries.

Based on Twitter and BBS chatter the following issues have been reported by players:

  • Your copy of Windows is no longer Genuine.
  • Blue Screens of Death on Game Start-up
  • Firefox and Chrome freezing.
  • Firefox freezing on pages that require Flash.
  • Keyboards malfunction.
  • Various essential Windows processes no longer responding.

I haven't updated my game yet because of this. And probably won't until it all gets sorted out. :(

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They rolled back this update a few days ago so it's safe to roll again. Those of us with 64 bit Windows 7 for an OS were unable to play at all for a few days!

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#3 Posted by Jeff (5550 posts) -

I've been sort of sitting on the sidelines while this stuff gets sorted out. Maybe I'll give it another shot.

Great to see that they're finding new ways to demonstrate that GameGuard is still a complete piece of shit.

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I'm still waiting for an actual confirmation from Sega that the game won't break my PC. I'm still seeing mixed things about whether or not it actually works on Win 7 x64.

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They've put this update back up and it wreaks the same havoc that it did previously.

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