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Phantasy Star Universe is a series of games which take place in the Gurhal star system, and feature the Guardians, an interplanetary security force. 
The Phantasy Star Universe games all feature both online and offline modes, although unlike Phantasy Star Online, they are separate game modes. 
Phantasy Star Universe originally launched on the PS2, PC, and Xbox 360, with three different sets of servers: one for Japanese PS2 and PC players, one for PS2 and PC players outside of Japan, and one for Xbox 360 players worldwide.  In 2008, Phantasy Star Portable, which is set between the events of PSU Episode 1 and Episode 2, launched on the PSP


Episode 1 is the offline story mode of Phantasy Star Universe.  It starred Ethan Waber during the invasion of Gurhal by the SEED. 
Episode 2 was first released as the online story mode of Phantasy Star Universe.  It stars the player's character and takes place after Episode 1.  Ethan Waber has become a fugitive wanted for attempted assassination of the Guardian's President.  Players investigate the Illuminous, a human supremicist group, with the help of Laia Martinez.  Episode 2 was also the offline mode of the PC and PS2 versions of Ambition of the Illuminous
Episode 3 is currently available as the online mode of Ambitions of the Illuminous.  It deals with the aftermath of the SEED invasion and the warring between the races, as well as the lack of leadership in the Guardians.

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