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Phantom Breaker is a 2D fighting game developed and published by 5pb in Japan back in June 2011. A US release was initially planned on February 28, 2012 by the company 7Sixty (a subsidiary of South Peak Interactive), but it has been delayed continuously.


Upon selecting their character, the player is give the choice to use a "Quick style" or a "Hard style." As the names might suggest, the quick style is for players who like playing fast and aggressive with flashy combos, while the hard style is for players who prefer to play defensively and strike when the time is right for more damage.

The game also contains "Tension Gauges," which can be used to increase the character's overall speed and power or sacrificed to perform a super move.


Set in Tokyo, Japan, a mysterious organization known only as "Phantom" has organized a fighting tournament throughout the city and has invited a select group of people to participate. They claim that the winner of all the contestants will have one wish, any wish, granted to them. Some characters wish to discover who is behind Phantom and destroy the organization, others are lured by the promise of a wish granted, and some just want a place to fight against worthy foes.


There are a total of 14 playable characters included in Phantom Breaker, including two guest characters from similar franchises.

Guest Charcters (added to the console version)

  • Kurisu Makise (from the Steins;Gate franchise): A young genius girl who graduated early from MIT and has been working with a close group of friends on a device that can enable time travel. She fights with some of her own inventions in Phantom Breaker.
  • Rimi Sakihata (from Chaos;Head Noah): An esper with the ability to conjure anything she imagines into reality. Does not appear to wield any weapon in particular.

Original Characters

  • Mikoto Nishina: A violinist who fights with a large sword named "Maestro."
  • Mei Orisaka: A teenaged pop idol who wields a magical-girl wand called "Candy."
  • Yuzuha Fujibayashi: A kunoichi from the Edo period (around 1600-1800) who somehow ended up in the present as a highschool girl. She wields a pair of short blades called the "Shoukaku" and "Zuikaku."
  • Waka Kumon: The next in line of a family of Japanese exorcists. She fights with a naginata called "Kahoutou."
  • Ren Tatewaki: A boy who wants to win Phantom's contest in order to cure his little sister's supposedly incurable disease. A brawler who carries a gauntlet named "Koutarou."
  • M: A girl with amnesia who simply fights because she likes the thrill of battle. She uses a jury-rigged mace called "Humongous" that is literally a bunch of concrete and scrap metal slapped together in one big chunk.
  • Itsuki Koumo: A naive magical girl in a french maid outfit with a large, magical-girl mallet called "Maggie."
  • Ria Toujou: Upon hearing that one of the contestants killed her mother, Ria decides to enter herself in the tournament to take revenge on the murderer. She fights with a pair of blades collectively called "Aldina."
  • Tokiya Kanzaki: The CEO of a pharmaceutical company who fights to gain the wish of seeing his parents again after they were killed 15 years ago. Uses a longsword called "Setsuna."
  • Cocoa: A young cosplayer bored with the real world. Fights with a giant claw called "Kusenia's Claw."
  • Fin: A 9-year-old time-traveler from the future. Fights using a droid named "Mauchuu" and laser guns called "JJ Apple."
  • Infinity: "Phantom's" bodyguard who uses telekinesis in battle.

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