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An incredible one of a kind masterpiece 2

You appear, shaken, to a nightmarish town. A blue toned hue pervades throughout the landscape and in the background you can hear children laughing. Your eyes dart around, but the town is empty, haunted by a ghostly silence. The Phantom Dust swirls around you, formulating itself into three distinct capsules. You stride over to one, aware that in moments you could be engaged in the fight of a lifetime. After inhaling the pure energy of an Aura Capsule, you vault over to a gleaming crimson Attack C...

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This game was was extremely amazing and did not get any of the recognition it should have. I saw this game one day while I was browsing the shelves at a local ebgames and I could already spot the pontential in it. It was a mere 10 bucks and I would have easily paid fully price for it too. The single player is amazing and the entire 'skills deck' system is extremely fun to play with. Basically.....go play this's soooo hard to explain what makes this game a must own....but it is lol...

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The Best, Most Unique Game You've Never Played 0

Phantom Dust is the best, most unique game you've never played. OVERVIEW  So what is Phantom Dust? Essentially, Majesco's Xbox exclusive title (backwards compatible with the Xbox 360) perfectly melds a card-turn-based game (think Magic: the Gathering) with a real-time action title. There is a basic story to Phantom Dust. It's a post apocalyptic world where a mysterious dust has covered the surface o the earth. Humans now live underground in order to survive. When they surface, they can use diff...

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An ignored masterpiece. 0

This game is one that slipped by without any attention because a lot of people didn't spend the time that it requires to get into it. Phantom Dust was released soon after Halo 2 had hit, and that dominated many people's video game time. If you haven't played PD, then you are missing out on a unique experience that is "unlike anything else on Xbox" as OXM states on the cover. It's a mix of a card game, action game, and Dragon Ball Z. Other than the wonderful gameplay, the graphics in this game ar...

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