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The company now known as Phantom Entertainment was originally known as Infinium Labs, which attempted to join the console scene with their "Phantom" console, first unveiled at E3 2004. The "Phantom" then seemed to disappear, while promises of its power kept popping up, including claims that it would play past and future PC-games and would be download-based, as opposed to using discs. The Phantom console was never released. Following the company's name change, focus shifted from production of a game console to the production of computer keyboards.

Infinium Labs was founded in 2002 by Tim Roberts and first released statements to the press regarding its console plans the following year through a vaguely-worded press release. The company filed for an IPO in 2004. In 2005, Roberts resigned from Infinium while in possession of millions of stock shares in the company. He would subsequently become entangled in an SEC investigation alleging corporate fraud.

Since the departure of Roberts, the company has cycled through a series of chief executives. Roberts did return briefly to serve as Infinium's Chairman of the Board, but left the company entirely in 2007; a period during which the company's name was officially changed to Phantom Entertainment. Also during this time, the company abandoned plans for a console and instead announced that they would turn focus toward production of gaming keyboards. The company's first keyboard product, the Phantom Lapboard, was subsequently released to market in 2008.

As of 2009, Phantom Entertainment returned to being a privately held company and is no longer listed on the stock market.

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