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Phantom Fighter is known as Reigen Doushi in Japan, and is named after (and based on) the Japanese release of the 1985 kung-fu comedy horror movie Mr. Vampire, in which a Taoist priest and his two bumbling apprentices attempt to fight off a jiang shi (or kyonshi, as they're called in Japan) and other undead menaces.

The game puts the player in control of Kenshi as he fights off vampires in one-on-one fights by entering homes, temples, or other areas infested with the creatures. Successfully defeating the jiang shi reduces it to flames, and the player receives the gratitude of the area's owner, who rewards the player. Normal villagers give the player items, such as sacred scrolls, while temple priests let the player regain Kenshi's health whenever he revisits the temple after liberating it.

Certain buildings are bring up a text window stating "DANGER IS IN THE AIR" whenever the A button is pressed near the entrance on the village map. In these buildings, the player must face and defeat multiple kyonshi, which will earn him or her a red orb. After all three orbs in a village have been collected, the player gains access to the village's boss battle, which, if beaten, moves the player on to the next village.

There are also training halls in every village that accept the sacred scroll items obtained from villagers as payment for teaching Kenchi extra fighting techniques. Inexplicably, the player must answer a trivia question before being allowed to train, which run the gamut from how many states there are in the United States to questions about specific aspects of Kyonshi (how they can be captured in Chinese mythology, etc.).

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