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Pharaoh Walker is a giant sphinx that serves as Power Stone 2's mid-boss in arcade mode where he faces the two Power Stone combatants who won the previous round. The two fighters battle against Pharaoh Walker on his home desert stage. The Pharaoh's huge size nearly covers the entire battlefield and has a variety of attacks that complement his huge stature and deals significant damage to the Power Stone fighters. The Pharaoh Walker's given nickname is "Walking Fortress."


Lasers: The Pharaoh will shoot a pink laser from its tail to the open areas of the battlefield where its large body is not covering. In a few instances, when the Pharaoh is on a corner or at the edge of the stage, the laser will hug the edge and may catch the fighters who are under the Pharaoh's body.

Bolts: The Pharaoh will shoot small pink bolts that targets and homes toward a fighter.

Digest: If a fighter wanders under the Pharaoh's head, the Pharaoh will attempt to digest the fighter by expended its tongue toward the fighter.

Jump: The Pharaoh will jump high in the air, then land hard on the battlefield, causing an earthquake. If the fighter fails to jump at the right time and gets caught by the earthquake, the fighter will be stunned and frozen on the battlefield until they shake off the stun.

Spin: The Pharaoh will lie its body down on the battleground and perform a spin attack on the area it covers.

Time Out (Instant Defeat): If the fighters fail to defeat the Pharaoh Walker within the allotted time, the Pharaoh will retreat back to an isolated island in the stage's background and shoot a large laser that covers the entire field to instantly defeat the fighters.

Weak Points

The Pharaoh Walker has two weak points, its head and legs.

Legs: The Pharaoh Walker's legs are initially protected by body armor. If a fighter continually attacks one of its legs, the armor breaks off and its bare steel is exposed. After a few more sustained attacks on the exposed leg, the steel will shatter and the leg is gone. Once the Pharaoh loses two legs of the same side (front two, back two, side two), the Pharaoh will collapse to the ground, leaving its head exposed. The Pharaoh only suffers minimal damage when its legs are attacked. After a few seconds, the broken legs regenerate and the Pharaoh regains his mobility on the battlefield.

Head: The Pharaoh's head is the major weak point where the fighters can inflict major damage to the Pharaoh. The best way to access the head is the collapse the Pharaoh by taking out two of its legs of the same side. The fighters can also use items/weapons and their Power Fusion attacks toward the Pharaoh when he's mobile.

Battle End

Victorious: The winning fighters will proceed to the next round where they will face the new challengers to battle against.

Defeated: The defeated fighters can decide to continue and retry the battle or not continue to end their game.

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