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Pharos is intro duced as a mysterious boy who gives the main character a contract when he first transfers to Gekkoukan High one fateful night. The contract is simply stating that the main character would be responsible for every action he makes. This is where the main character can be freely named by the player. After signing the contract, Pharos says that "soon the end will come", and mysteriously disappears.


Pharos appears again in the main character's dreams, telling him that the main character will soon fulfill his "ordeal." He usually appears when the next full moon is drawing near and warns the player about the events to come. Later on, the player automatically establishes the Death Arcana Social Link with him. Pharos is later revealed as the equivalent of Death, the harbringer of Nyx. After SEES defeats all twelve Arcana Shadows, Pharos regains his memories trapped within each full moon Shadow. He emerges from the main character's psyche and takes on the physical from of Ryoji Mochizuki. Pharos is known in the form of Ryoji from then on.

Max Social Link

The Death Arcana Social Link is automatically leveled up during certain dates/events in the game and part of the main storyline. After the Death Social Link reaches its maximum level, the player can acquire Thanatos from the Velvet Room.  



The Death Arcana

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