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You get what you pay

Phase, on paper, is an amazing idea.  Take any song on your iPod, and you can play it in a Guitar Hero like fashion, but instead of guitar, you play the basic rhythms and beats.  But I hope that all of you know that paper and actuality are two different things.  The game is not very responsive; 1 out of 10 notes are missed, and the "catcher" does not always pop up.  Then, the only way to get all of the songs in your music collection into the game is to build the notes for the song in iTunes, not on the iPod, which takes about a minute per song.  So, if you have over 2,000 songs like me, you might be building for a while.

Now, don't get me wrong, Phase is a fun, addicting game.  But this minor flaws in gameplay, and the fact that you can't build songs on the go (Yes, I understand why the songs need to be built), also make the game very frusterating at times, and make you want to play something else.

Posted by insanejedi

I think that might be a problem with your Ipod and less to do with Phase. Putting several dozen songs only takes about 2 minutes.

You should probably get your Ipod checked out, because even with the Ipod nano video with the tiny scroll wheel, I was still able to get even 100% on songs.

Posted by bman3737

It's not my iPod that is slow, it's iTunes, as it has to go through every song and read the peaks and lows for every second of every song and build a rhythm around that.

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