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When "Boss Ross" came to be the CEO of the Rubi-Ka branch of the hyper-corporation Omni-Tek, he was one of the youngest Omni-Tek employees.

He has always seen the war between the Clans and Omni-Tek to be a waste, for both sides in the conflict, dubbing the clans a "disgruntled few" whom have been able to disturb the complex machinery of progress.

The clans, he believes, chant words like "freedom" and "liberty" behind their sign-bearing protests, but when the ideologies behind them is applied to the world, the only thing they achieve by their misguided resistance is to disrupt the precarious balance of Rubi-Ka causing untold pain to the very people they seek to "liberate".

He is a firm believer in Omni-Tek leadership and protection, and has because of this been the target for much anger, and is currently in a coma after an assassination attempt.

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