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A Sense of Justice 3

Legal dramas aren’t generally a genre you’d associate with video games, but as a form of fiction they might have more to offer the medium than you’d think. They provide the same chances for character exploration, relationships, and conflict that you find in other dramas, but here there’s also the mystery of trying to put the clues of a case together, the tension when it looks like the case can’t be won, a feeling of vicarious intellectual empowerment as we see chara...

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Can be frustrating, fun, funny and serious at the same time! 0

Before buying this game, I did my studies: - Read some reviews; - Watched some videos; - Pictures, etc. And then after i was "sold" I got it (it was actually cheap! so I didn't think twice). Thank GOD I didn't think twice! Phoenix Wright Ace Attourney for the Nintendo DS is a port from the japanese original on the GBA so, don't expect huge interaction with the stylus and other NDS unique features (except in the last chapter that was built exclusively for the english version of the game f...

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Maya is so cute I wanna marry her lol 0

Phoenix Wright: “So, Judge, as you can see, there is no doubt that the witness is guilty. They left prints, they were caught on security cam, they left behind a belonging of their own; obviously, it his he, and not my client, who is guilty! What say you to that, Judge?”Witness: “Uhh! ACK! EEK! DAMN IT! NO! RUINED! RUUUIIINNNEEDDD!!!”Judge: “… eh. I need to see more proof. Prosecution, will you call your next witness?”Witness: “… ah, yes, you see, I am not guilty! Evidently!”Phoenix Wright: “oh w...

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Review 0

In Phoenix Wright, players take the role of a young defense attorney straight out of law school, making his great debut. Along with five trial cases the game also features investigative segments where Phoenix accumulates evidence and testimony as patronage of his client's case. These sections of the game usually bring forth drama and twists in the plot, as well as exposing some of Phoenix Wright's backdrop. One of the game's biggest strengths seems to be its wide array of characters. In the game...

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The life of an attorney is never easy. 0

Phoenix wright: ace attorney is the first of three games on the DS. In this chapter you'll meet phoenix wright a newbie attorney. You'll learn how to investigate crimescenes and battle in court for a innoscent virdict. But all is not well in this law based game, My bigest complaint with the game is that some of the cases are prolonged to the point of boredom. Be prepared to read a novels worth the text and be ready to see the same animations over and over again. But there is some light in the da...

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You don't have this game....OBJECTION! 0

In the game you play an attorney, Phoenix Wright, who is fresh out of law school and onto his first trial where you are defending your friend Larry Butz, who is charged with murder, and this being your first case you are very nervous and even froget who the victum is even though you had just looked at is a second earlier (but they do this so you can learn how to use your inventory to check on important people and your evidence that you have gathered). Phoenix is a very uncanny character with ver...

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Join Rookie Attorney Phoenix Wright in his first few cases 0

Point and click adventures have had a bit of a downward trend of late, never being able to reach the lofty heights of those classic Lucasarts games, such as Day of the Tentacle and Sam and Max. There is however hope for the genre, and the DS is a perfect place for this small revival. Phoenix Wright is a rookie attorney, having been taken under the wing of Mia Fey, his mentor and all round babe. The mechanics of the game are relatively simple: a murder will be commited and Mia and Phoenix will ta...

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Still a great game, but a very lazy port 0

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is still a great game beyond a doubt. But it is guilty of being a very lazy port. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is the first console version of the classic series. As exciting as it is to see come to the Wii, it works out no better than it did on the Nintendo DS. If you owned it previously on the DS, you should consider what you're getting.  Enjoy swinging the Wii Remote. It's the only thing you haven't done before in the series.  It is what it is. It's Phoenix Wright...

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A unique game made possible by the great system the Nintendo DS i 0

Nintendo DS is great for these different types of games, which would normally not get any attention in a console, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is one of those games, it's a very good game if given a chance, and its quality may only be overlooked by someone who really dislikes extremely plot-driven games. One of the most memorable things about this kind of games, are the characters, they have a special depth and transpire a stronger personality than the ones found in other games, you suddenly fe...

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A marvellous port of a DS classic 0

 The Ace Attorney series is one like no other in gaming: they’re witty, full of outdated memes and pop culture references (used mostly ironically), bundled with good plots, intriguing mysteries and warm characters who fans of the series are very fond of. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, now available on the iTunes Store, is where it all began. For the most part, the iPhone edition of Ace Attorney is a straight port of the DS version, which in turn was a port of the Japanese-only GBA version...

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Very Pleasing 0

One word I would use to describe this game, would be: exciting. This one of the few games that can keep you on the edge of you seat, while laughing your ass off. It has humorous jokes, thrilling suspense, and a warm cast of characters. Each and every character has it's own personality and feelings, whether it is Gumshoe with the comedy, or Edgeworth with the no nonsense, the balance of his game is wonderful. It is also very playable, the controls are efficient and everything is on screen at all ...

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The world today is in a sorry state. The badassery of law has been ruined by local commercials everywhere. You know, the ones with those mopey lawyers who want to get you fifty bucks because you got bit by a Schnauzer. You wanna know what law was like back in the good old days, you talk to this guy: Check out that glorious coif. Marvel at that monster finger that appears to be longer than his head. Behold the wonder of those impossible eyebrows. Now listen. Really listen. You can hear ...

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If only real court were more like these court battles! 0

NOTE: This review was written years ago, but it's never been posted on GB. Enjoy!*************Gyakuten Saiban is a court-battle adventure series for the Game Boy Advance which only Japanese gamers were given the privilege to enjoy. Having received none of these games in North America, Capcom saw potential in the Nintendo DS and how Gyakuten Saiban could work with it; they decided to take a chance by releasing the first game in the series to the North American audience and renaming it Phoenix Wri...

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Review 0

Editor's Note: I wrote this review a long time ago. I think it needs some polish. I still agree with everything I said, however the review itself isn't that well written. I still think I bring out some good points though, so the review can still be helpful to those seeking advise.While lots of people would think that a game based on the court of the law would be very boring, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a game that is anything but boring. The game could appeal to a group people because it is ...

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