Of the newest batch of android smartphones, which do you prefer?

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Posted by Sweep (8948 posts) 1 year, 7 months ago

Poll: Of the newest batch of android smartphones, which do you prefer? (133 votes)

HTC One 16%
Samsung Galaxy S4 37%
Sony Xperia Z 8%
I don't like android because I'm a smug bastard with an iPhone. 15%
Other... 24%

I'm in the market for a new phone and I'm trapped in a rare moment of indecisiveness. I know I want an android phone, but I'm not entirely thrilled about the increasingly large screens the latest generation of phones possess. The only thing that annoys me more than a "phablet" is probably the word "phablet".

I don't want a Windows phone because I'm sick of Microsoft (Similarly I don't want an iPhone because Apple irritate me) and though my Galaxy S2 is perhaps the best phone I have ever owned, the S4 looks aesthetically ugly, with bulky rounded corners. Bleurgh.

I'm leaning towards the Sony Xperia Z or the HTC One, both of which are receiving great reviews and boast loads of new features + decent cameras etc, but I wanted to do a quick poll and see what the general public reaction is to these phones.


#51 Posted by crusader8463 (14426 posts) -

I do tech support for HTC so if you buy one and have to call in on a Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday from 9am-5:30pm Atlantic time for support you might get to talk to me! Take that how you will. I have not gotten to see the other phones but when they took us into training for the new one phone we got to play around with it for 4-5 hours while they explained what was on it. It's nothing mind blowing to me on a software side, but it's a really sexy phone to hold, look at and the titanium shell feels super nice and sexy. The camera is super amazing at low light photography but the thing that I liked the most was that in all apps you can now hide apps! So now you can hide all that bloatware crap the carrier heaps onto the phone.

#52 Posted by Snail (8646 posts) -

Xperia Z is water-proof.

People seem to undervalue or overlook that.

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