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Photo Dojo is a 2D fighter for Nintendo DSi Ware by Nintendo that allows the player to create their own fighters and arenas by taking pictures using the DSi Camera and recording sound using the DSi Microphone. 



In order to create a new character in Photo Dojo the player will have to hold the DSi in a book like position and take a certain number of photos using the DSi's camera that will all have to fit in the frame of the specific move (thus not allowing the player to modify the " hitbox"). As well as creating every attack frame, the player can also record sounds to go with them, when executing that specific move the character will "say" the recorded sound bit.  
Other then the moves the player can also create a taunt animation that will automatic play when the player wins a match but can also be executed during a fight, create a portrait for their character and write down the name of their fighter using the stylus.


Stage creation is simply done by taking a single photo of something. During normal fights this photo will be used as the whole arena but in the Beat-em-up mode the photo will repeat as the level goes on. 


  • Standard one on one
In Photo Dojo's regular mode 2 players face of in a standard 2D fighter setting. This mode can be played against a AI as well as against a second player. 

  • Side-scrolling beat-em-up
In this mode the player has to make his or her way from one point of the level to another while under assault by hordes of AI enemies who vary on skill and power.


Photo Dojo allows two players to play against each other using only one DSi. Player one will use the D-pad to move his or her character and the left shoulder button to attack. The second player uses the face buttons as a pseudo D-pad and the right shoulder button to attack. Special attacks can be executed by both players by tapping the left (Player 1) and right (Player 2) side of the touch screen.

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