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PhotoKano is a dating sim made by Dingo Inc for the PSP. Placing players within the shoes of an high school student who becomes interested in photography after receiving a camera as a hand-me-down from his father, the main objective in PhotoKano is to win the affections of one of several girls he can meet at his school within a two-month period. Doing so requires the player to bolster the girls' affection for them in several hours, including such things as having lively conversations with them, inviting them to hang out during their free time, triggering story events with them, and, as the title implies, conducting photo shoots with them in a variety of settings. Each of the leading ladies also has their own schedules, with things such as extracurricular commitments affecting where on school campus they will likely be found at different points during the school day. Relationships also don't inherently end on a romantic note; several different paths exist depending on the sort of rapport that develops between the protagonist and each girl, including a platonic route centered simply on friendship.

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