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The 1971 Dover-Picard Corporation Piranha is a fictional American muscle car prominently featured in Interstate '76, where it was the protagonist Groove Champion's primary vehicle, being passed on to him by his late sister Jade. Like the majority of the game's automobiles, it is similar in name and appearance to an actual vehicle, in this case the Plymouth Barracuda. It is the primary car used throughout T.R.I.P., Interstate '76's campaign, and as such it is a well-balanced car that is reasonably fast, maneuverable, and durable, with a good mixture of adjustable weapon hardpoints as well (two front-facing mounts on the top of the car, one rear-facing mount, and one drop mount on its underside, to be precise). The Piranha is capable of going from zero to sixty in 6.3 seconds, has a maximum speed of 140 miles per hour, and can travel a quarter mile in 13.1 seconds.

Jade's Piranha

Inherited by Groove Champion at the start of Interstate '76, Jade's heavily modified Piranha is notable for having a few distinctive characteristics. Aside from its signature orange paint job featuring two black stripes along the top and one along each side, it also sports a custom Texas license plate with the word "CHAMP" emblazoned across it. The number "432" is also displayed in green on both of the vehicle's rear fenders, which is most likely the size of the car's engine (in inches). Finally, the word "'Ranha," a common abbreviation for the car's name, can be seen to the right of the license plate. This particular Piranha is driven exclusively by Groove (i.e., the player) through the game's first fifteen campaign missions. It was presumably totaled after Groove crashed it through the wall of Fort Davis in pursuit of Antonio Malochio.

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