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Pico is an ex-military from planet Tortiz 3. He was part of the Poripoto a military division which specializes on recruiting high skilled marksmen. As a result of his years in the army Pico developed an aggressive personality (due in part to the assassination missions he had to carry out). He was one of the four original characters. Pico claims he’ll use the prize money to sponsor the Pico Cup. The big accident referenced constantly in most F-Zero games is said to have been caused by Pico´s aggresive driving, which is one of the reasons why he is disliked by the racing fans and pilots alike.

Pico´s machine is the Wild Goose, manufactured by General Repeat. It is easily recognizable since it has been in every F-Zero game, colored green and yellow. His racing number is 6.

He is also rumored to be a hitman.

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