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I spent a lot of time playing this. 0

Picross may have been played more than any other game in my gaming history. It’s phenomenal. It’s a Japanese picture/logic puzzler. There are numbers on the rows and columns that represent the number of dots filled in on a grid. And that’s it. You figure out which dots are filled in, which are empty, and you see a picture! The DS version allows you to download a bunch of additional puzzles, including all of the puzzles from the original Game Boy version of this game, which was called Mario’s Pic...

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Handheld Time-Wasters Don't Come Any Smarter 0

Although they haven't been around as long, or received as much press and attention, as Su Doku puzzles, nonograms are still nothing new, and not without a following. The original Picross (short for Picture Crosswords) games were produced by Nintendo for the Game Boy and Super Famicom in the mid-90s, only one of which was released in the United States. However, the puzzles are not unknown to Americans, as they have been published in many puzzle collections, such as Conceptis Tech's website as Fil...

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Chipping off the Blocks 0

Picross 3D - Hal Laboratory, Nintendo DSPicross 3D is a sequel of sorts to the Picross game that came out for the DS in 2007. It's a puzzle game and if you have obsessive tendencies like me then you'll absolutely love this game. The original Picross was a lot of fun, but it didn't connect with me in the same way that this game has kept me occupied for untold hours on end. Seriously, like RPG hours.You have to really see it to understand, but basically you're given a large 3D block that is divid...

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