pyjamarama's Picross DS (Nintendo DS) review

Great puzzle game

This game has similarities to sudoku in that every puzzle is solvable with a little forward thinking & logic. It is nicely presented and very easy to learn how to do the puzzles with the straightforward tutorial.
It requires using the stylus which works really well, the boxes you have to touch are a decent size so you never find yourself tapping the wrong one.
If you connect to nintendo wi-fi there you can play against other people and will also find access to additional puzzle packs to donwload which adds more play time to this already great game. 
I found once i started playing it was hard to stop and reccommend it to anyone who enjoys sudoku or logic problems in general.
Posted by ahoodedfigure

I think this sort of thing is inherently more interesting than Sudoku for me, probably because the mystery changes each time.  In Sudoku the tangle of numbers changes, but that concept itself never does, while you get a cool picture with these :)

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