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Pieces (JP: Jigsaw Party) is a 1994 puzzle game from Prism Kikaku that was released in Japan by Hori Electric Co. and in the US by Atlus. The player fills in jigsaw puzzles, using their memory of a quick glimpse of the completed picture and a set of five pieces selected randomly from those yet to be added to the puzzle. Each puzzle is created in a way where many of the empty spaces are identical, which means the player has to resort to memory when placing pieces rather than intuit their correct location from the shape of the piece.

The game features a single-player mode, in which the player challenges themselves to complete puzzles on a timer, with the option to add "fake" pieces that don't belong to the puzzle. They can also compete against a second player, or computer opponents of three difficulty tiers (Rice Bowl Crab for Easy, Delinquent Boar for Medium and the Sea Queen for Hard). The multiplayer has power-ups that become unlocked as the player fits more pieces which can help them or hinder their opponent.

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