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Pikmin 2 improves on the original in almost every way 0

 Pikmin 2 plants the seeds for a new game in Shigeru Miyamoto’s original real-time strategy series.  Growing out of the design of the first game, Pikmin 2 now features 2 new types of Pikmin, expanded Pikmin abilities, 2 playable characters, a new 2-player competitive mode, the addition of underground caves, and no 30 day time-limit.  In addition, though this feature has no gameplay function, they’ve added the Piklopedia; a veritable encyclopedia of all the different treasures and alien species O...

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Pikmin 2 review 0

The original Pikmin game provided a fresh, interesting and overall fun take on the Real Time Strategy genre. When it was released on the Gamecube, Pikmin 2 turned the series into one of the well-loved Nintendo franchises, among the likes of Mario, Zelda and Starfox. Thanks to the New Play Control! range, Pikmin 2 has now been re-released on the Wii with widescreen and 480p support, as well as the obvious change of the control scheme. The story picks up where the first game left off (assuming yo...

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pikmin 2 Hopemaster's review 0

Playing this experiencing video game,I am amazed of how this game works for example:you can control these powerful creatures first and only named "pikmin" by the 3cm tall Captain Olimar,as he explains his discoveries with his new comer,Captain Louie! Exploring the great jungles habitats, there are easy controls such as; controlling the directions of your Pikmin by holding the down arrow button on the wii remote,plucking and throwing Pikmin by pressing the A button on the wii remote, and dissmiss...

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An adventure in your backyard 0

Pikmin Takes place on a strange planet known to us as earth. Pikmin 2 is light hearted sequel to the first which vastly improves on alot of things. The first and most notable is the removal of the timer. No longer do you have only so many days to complete your quest allowing you more time to explore and simply mess around in the differant areas. Each overworld contains a series of dungeons containing many Quircky items such as the thirst quencher a 7-up bottlecap or a Dream Architecht Which is a...

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One Of The Most Innovative Game I've Ever Played 0

Pikmin 2 is a game that makes you think. Whether it's figuring out how to get your cute but dangerous little buddies across a lake without them drowning, or how to get to a treasure seemingly out of reach you are always thinking about what to do next.I'm sure this game isn't for everyone but I for one loved it! The Pikmin themselves look like cute little pets but when you send them after an enemy they turn into bloodthirsty little creatures that are capable of knocking down sold walls and things...

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Pikmin 2 0

On December 2001, Nintendo Miyamato (The Legend behind Mario and Zelda) made a game about kiddy aliens. What we didn't know was that their destination point is our world, and they're extremely tiny! Another fact is that this was set in his own Garden! Pikmin 2 sets off after the first Pikmin. After escaping from the strange planet, we call Earth; Captain Olimar goes back to his home planet. When he lands there, he discovers that his planet is in major debt. One of the bottle caps he used for the...

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