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hello virtual Pinheads., 
Are you like me, stuck pondering some of the finer details of a table's rules? looking for information that isn't supplied in the game's Rule Sheet?  Important informartion, like how to activate the multiplier? I purpose we work together to help each other find these secrets.  
I have just created a publicly editable guide for Pinball FX 2: 
It's just a skeleton of a guide right now but if you wish to add anything you discover to it, feel free. I'l try to work on it when i find the time. 
If you wish to add scoring information you've found in the game here on this thread, feel free.  
[update - example] 

Multiplier - Secrets of the Deep 

  • hit the 3 species drop targets on the right (try view4...hard to see in view6) The targets periodically shift upwards. try to hit them when the targets are in the middle or top position. takes some practice to get the shot right. the targets reset after a certain amount of time or when you get a hull breach.
  • all 3 targets down; the left plunger opens up to where the left outlane is. Easiest way to make this shot is to load the cannon/periscope, and fire the shot directly into the left outlane, thus, into the left plunger.
  • Ball in plunger; One of the three species drop targets will light up. use the plunger to hit the lit drop target. Bottom drop target = minimum pull back, middle target = medium pullback, & highest drop target = maximum pullback. It will take practice to find how much pullback is required to hit each drop target.
  • When you make this skill shot you get the multiplier.
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