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Hopefully can get a good thread going here to help each other figure out all the little nuances of the tables. Like: 
Secrets of the Deep  -   How do you increase the multiplier on the bottom left of the table? I've played the table TONS, but have never seen it budge even once.

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I've no idea about increasing the multiplier, still yet to find that out myself,  but i do have a question regarding Rome... does anyone know how to start FRENZY? I'm trying to get the Legatus Legionis achievement - seize 7 garrisons OR start FRENZY - but even the Rule Sheet does'nt explain this?

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Pinball FX could really use a nice how-to mode like Williams Pinball Hall of Fame has.
I don't know either of these things.

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I remember e-mailing Zen a long long time ago, when the first Pinball FX came out, asking where i could find a rule sheet for the PinFX 1 tables and they told me they purposely withhold that information as it was more fun to discover on your own. 
But yeah, this would be a pretty good opportunity to write a game guide. The GB community can make our own rule sheet as we discover them. 
I say this out loud with hopes that someone else does it and i don't have to put in the effort.

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@PencilBastard:  i gave in and looked it up. got this from a post on games faq: 

"1. Hit the new species target on the right - twice, one to activate and a second time to activate the left plunger.
2. Get the ball into the left plunger through the left drain lane.
3. Hit the new species target with a skill shot."

Worth looking into.     
i got the x2 multiplier. so here's what you actually have to do. 
  1. hit the 3 species drop targets on the right (try view4...hard to see in view6) The targets periodically shift upwards. try to hit them when the targets are in the middle or top position. takes some practice to get the shot right. the targets reset after a certain amount of time or when you get a hull breach.
  2. all 3 targets down; the left plunger opens up to where the left outlane is. Easiest way to make this shot is to load the cannon/periscope, and fire the shot directly into the left outlane, thus, into the left plunger.
  3. Ball in plunger; One of the three species drop targets will light up. use the plunger to hit the lit drop target. Bottom drop target = minimum pull back, middle target = medium pullback, & highest drop target = maximum pullback. It will take practice to find how much pullback is required to hit each drop target.
Sound complicated? it is...and probably not worth the effort unless you really get it down. Initially trying to hit the drop targets often results in guttering down the right outlane so it's debatable if it's worth the effort, but that's how you get the multiplier.
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Another question:
Does anybody know whether Rome has a skill shot and if it does, how to get it?
Thanks in advance :-)

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@Sin4profit: thanks!!! i got the new species a few times but  never made my way down to the left outlane during that time, ive never fired anything out of that plunger. crazy you can spend so much time on a table and still be missing things. seems not worth it though, would take a while to get it up to 10x, and that time could be better spent elsewhere. plus, i make sure to keep stocked up on magna saves which could get in the way. Im currently trying to get wizard mode going, but cant figure out what the 4th multiball is. there is the shark, the mines, the abyss.....and....... 
@Paddi: I THINK the skill shot is going all the way around to the upper left flipper, and jamming it in the statue before it turns to face downward. 
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I haven't tried it out yet, but it makes sense, so thanks. 
About your problem: I found something on the rulesheet on the official Pinball FX2 page: The Probe Frenzy mode.  It says that if you get a certain number of successful probe launches, you get a chance to get a 2-ball multiball by shooting a second ball down from the magnet. You can then try to get up to four balls using the same method. The fifth ball will complete the mode and get you a score bonus.
I hope that is the multiball your looking for.

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@Paddi: sound about right    thanks!!

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