Humble Weekly Bundle - 22 Pinball FX2 tables for $6

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This week's Humble Bundle is a mess of tables for Pinball FX2. I think if you add up all the packs it's over $60 included if you beat the $6 bonus minimum for 22 tables.

I don't have anyone on my Steam friends list that has it, so if you buy it, please add me so we can battle on the leaderboards!

Add Valestis too since he started a thread in Sept to get more Steam friends for his leaderboards.

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added both of you. Heres hoping Pinball arcade gets some form of pricedrop during a steam sale

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I'm... to put it mildly, not very good at pinball... and with this huge number of tables I have no idea which ones are nice and easy to practice and get better on... Any suggestions?

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Oooo. That's an awesome deal! Been wanting to play these for a while, but didn't know which ones were worth it. Picked it up for $10.

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Thanks for the link. Picked them up and added you on Steam.

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@scribbly: Plants Vs. Zombies is the easiest one that I know about. Sadly it's not on PC. The Avengers, Paranormal, and Secrets of the Deep are all fairly easy. Add me on Steam.

edit: Part of pinball is learning how to play any pinball table. Compare it to playing an FPS for the first time. You'll have no idea what's going on. But once you learn the basics you can play other FPS and still be able to play.

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Thanks for the friend requests guys. Its good to have scores to chase besides the Top 10.

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I don't get paid until Friday. D: Damn.

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Just added both of you. I'm mwjeffcott on Steam. Just picked up the bundle, looking forward to trying it out this week.

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Having a lot of fun with the bundle tables, you can add me too for more leaderboard competition!

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Added a bunch of people here. Please add me as well, I'm therabit on steam. Just started playing it and rather enjoying myself. First pinball game since that free table on windows.

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Just sent you guys friend requests.

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@scribbly: I've found the Star Wars Clone Wars table to be really good for learning the mechanics of both pinball and PinballFX 2. So many ramps that are great for practicing lining up your shots with, and it has a slightly more intuitive rule set in my opinion.

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There is just about 27 hours left to buy the bundle. I'm hoping the tables not included will go on sale during the upcoming holiday Steam sales.

If you want to read up on how the tables work and where to aim for bigger scores, check out the table guides

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