Increase your Pinball Wizard Score

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In order to get a higher wizard score you must be friends with others that play Pinball FX 2. I own all the tables from Pinball FX.

I am maxed out on friends sorry for not accepting friend requests.

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Having more people on your friends also means more leaderboards fun and some achievements are easier to get.  Going to add you two.  (I have all the tables but 1)
Anyone else hit me up at CryptoElite

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GT: Sin4profit 
at least add a message that says Pinball FX so i know where yer coming from

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I'll throw my name in there, too. I have the core set, the Marvel tables and a couple others. Need more people on my friend's leaderboard if anyone wants to add me.  
GT: Iron Past

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Add me tc if you wish: GT = PWEID5.  Add a short clarification message though please.  And there are others in Fong Ghoul's thread btw. Might wanna check there for more bombers to add.
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Go ahead and add me too, just bought in with the Marvel tables but I'll wind up buying some more. GT is SledgeGBay

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Free to add me, will be sending out a few requests also in some of the other Pinball FX2 posts. GT= fox01313

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Big Thanks to those that are sending the request.  I totally wanted people to just post here and form a GB community around Pinball FX2.  
Im loving the new Marvel Tables.  Im surprised to enjoy the Blade table the most.  Not really a big Blade fan but the table is awesome.  I dont like the Iron Man table.  It looks cool but its hard.

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I sent a couple of FRs but I'm not gold so I couldn't send a message. :(  GT= Man I3ear Pig

#12 Posted by Bradtron (41 posts) -

The Blade table is my fav.  GT=Bradtron

#13 Posted by Cincaid (3048 posts) -

Adding you all who have posted here. I love Pinball FX2!

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GT: GunslingerPanda

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GT: PsychoTwonkie

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Gonna add some people from this thread!
GT: GB Oni
I like the Spiderman and Wolverine tables the most. Iron Man has cool stuff but it's the most frustrating of the bunch by far. Blade's alright. I feel like I don't really get it though.

#17 Posted by bobafettjm (1729 posts) -

If a few people want to add me that would be cool. I don't have all the tables yet but I plan on getting them once I can get more points. GT = Bobafettjm. If you send me a request put Pinball or GB or something in the message.

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I'm coldermilk on Xbox Live, I just got the Marvel tables today and have been really loving it. Each table isn't too much more expensive than a Rock Band song; I have a feeling this game might be a bit dangerous for me xD  

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Ive got the Marvel tables and plan on getting more would love to have more people on my friends list with this. If anyone wants to add my GT: Rave just say pinball fx so I know. I will add you guys if thats ok.
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gamertag: Ichiban99 
I have the Marvel tables along with the Street Fighter II table and Rocky & Bullwinkle. 

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I'd love to get in on this too.  I'll be adding everyone that posted in this thread. I should note that I've got every table except Excalibur, Nightmare Mansion, and Earth Defense.
Gamertag: heatdrive88

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Just got the FX2 and Marvel tables today, going to start racking up some points.  Add me if you have room:
gt: yindotrunks

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Gamertag: DanteBK
I only have the Marvel Pinball tables so far, but might buy the rest of them when I get some more points. 
EDIT: OK, have added a bunch of people from this thread. Not sure if I missed anyone.

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GT: ZenPuff
Feel free to add me, and thanks to everyone who has accepted my requests so far. Makes the game much more fun.

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Feel free to add me, I'm looking to fill my friends list with pinball players haha.
Gamertag:  lennoxyz

#26 Posted by Hector (3522 posts) -

Add me: Sigma Spartan

#27 Posted by EmR_LvR (2 posts) -

I don't have all tables but will likely get them all as soon as i can get more ms points, feel free to add me FnK39

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GT: Scooterific 
Have all tables except for Earth Defense and Excaliber 
 I added a handful of you but feel free to add me.

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GT: ultron100
I have the Marvel tables and the Rocky and Bullwinkle one.  I will be getting more soon though!

#30 Posted by Lepruk86 (91 posts) -

GT: Lepruk86...
Have some really nice scores on marvel tables. I also own the FX1 classics bundle. Will buy all eventually but I like to spend my time with tables so will play the same one for days at a time.
I will accept all requests.

#31 Posted by monssfisch (50 posts) -

GT: monssfisch
Have the marvel tables, the FX2 tables and the pretty lame Rocky and Bulwinkle.

#32 Posted by Lepuke (343 posts) -

I'm down with having some pinball loving peeps. My GT is the same as my GB name.

#33 Posted by Lavapotamus (203 posts) -

I've been on a kick with this game lately. I don't think I'll ever improve or get more of the achievements, but I'm totally addicted anyway. My gamertag is Lavapotamus, feel free to add me!

#34 Posted by FalseDeity (243 posts) -

I really could use a few more friends to break 100,000, only doing this for the reward. Send me an invite at PwrSwitch on Xbox Live if you can help, thanks. 
I tend to occasionally wipe people off my list I don't know after an extended period of time, but I'll try to avoid removing people who haven't hit 100,000 wizard score yet.

#35 Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw (7026 posts) -

I never saw this forum post the first time through - my gamertag is big bad sleazy.  I suck, so you can rest assured you'll always have one guy lower than you on the leaderboard.  Score!

#36 Posted by RumblyPumpkin (8 posts) -

I have most of the tables and will be buying the rest soon.   I just recently got a 360 and it'd be nice to have some friends to play against.
gamertag: RumblyPumpkin

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GT: MVP1101 
I have the marvel, SF2, FX1 and  Rocky & Bullwinkle tables.

#38 Posted by EricSCH (20 posts) -


Feel free to add me! Only got 2 tables so far, but I'll buy some more soon.

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GT: Lactose Free

Add me. I'm finding this game is a lot more fun when I have scores to beat.

I have Mars, Ms. Splosion Man, and the pack with Agents, that pirate one, etc. I think that's FX1.

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GT: JonC1971

I'd like more pinball friend to boost my wizard score, maybe get the robe. :D Also some matches would be cool too.

#41 Posted by JoeyIA (666 posts) -

Blood Hurricane

Bejeweled Twist has a similar friend-score achievement, I forget what its called, but I have that game too if anyone needs help with that achievement.

#42 Posted by nukesniper (1265 posts) -

GT: Nukesniper

I'll throw myself in here. I have the FX1 Core, FX2 Core, and Marvel 4 pack of tables as of right now.

That is: Paranormal, Extreme, Speed Machine, Agents, Buccaneer, Rome, Pasha, Biolab, Secrets of the Deep, Blade, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine.

#43 Posted by douglin (13 posts) -


I've got the fx2 core, marvel and will be getting the next Marvel pack

#44 Posted by RREDEYE (2 posts) -

add me camleon

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Was just thinking that I would like to get some more friends that like pinball as I am the only one on my friendlist that plays.

GT: Judah Jones

I would appreciate a message saying the request in regards to pinball but i'm not picky and will most likely accept anyways.

EDIT: Forgot to say, I have all the FX2 tables and Marvel tables

#46 Posted by admiralcrunche (11 posts) -

GT: admiralcrunche

i own all tables, but am not very good. feel free to add and i will be adding here and there.

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