Your favorite "DLC" Pinball FX 2 table? - Part 2

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Sorcerer's Lair gets my vote. I like most of the other tables but that's the one that feels most like a traditional pinball table and the one most in line with what appeared to be the original vision for Pinball FX and it's sequel.

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I gave my vote to Paranormal just because I feel like it's got the most obvious goals and minigames (and I love the voice over guy) - to fair I haven't yet tried Sorcerer's Lair, Mars or Fantastic Four (and speaking of which would you recommend? I've got points for an extra table). Obviously part of the game is figuring out your goals and whatnot but some of them I spend a good 20minutes or more on before I know what the hell I'm supposed to do.

So far Iron Man is my absolute favorite but I'm eager to try out the New Marvel Tables as well.

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@SteamPunkJin said:

and speaking of which would you recommend?

Sorcerer's Lair or Mars, with the edge given to Sorcerer's Lair. It's actually currently my favorite table right now.

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Not enough Mars love here.

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