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Pinball eff exe too 0

It saddens me that over the years the popularity of pinball has fallen by the wayside. Let’s face it, unless you really seek out to find a pinball machine what are the chances that you’ll run into one at your local restaurant? Finding a good pinball video game is just a hard, either you’ll end up paying too much for too little, or the quality of the tables just won’t be there. Luckily Zen studios has your back covered with Pinball FX2 on the xbox 360.Much like Game Room or Hasbros Family Game ni...

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PBFX2 "Mahvel baybee" Edition 0

Do you like Marvel? Do you like pinball? Alright, you’re set. Go buy this. Go on now! What, do you need more convincing? Well worry not, because Marvel Pinball is a four table DLC pack for Xbox Live Arcades Pinball FX 2 as well as a standalone game for the Playstation Network, so if you’re worried about how this feels like as a pinball game go and read my review on PFX2 Everything said in that review as far as the contr...

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PBFX "Get your ass to Mars" edition 0

I recently got a chance to check out the new Mars table for Pinball FX2. Seeing as I’ve reviewed the last few releases for PFX ( and I figured I’d let you guys know what I thought of the new Mars table.Going Zero-G when you have multiball makes me go OCD trying to keep track of them allThere is a bit of a downside though. For most of the time pla...

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The Pinball machine feel without going to the arcade. 0

 Three years have passed since Pinball Fx came out. Now Pinball Fx 2 makes it's way to the XBL marketplace. Free to download-Extra Tables cost Microsoft points. This is good and bad,if you owned the previous title then your allowed to transfer all your tables over with updated graphics and sounds. Otherwise you have to buy each table. This game comes with many new features such as, King of the table which puts the high score between you and your friends to see who has the highest on that chosen ...

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