Most expensive console of all time?

#1 Posted by Kidavenger (3675 posts) -

I always considered the Neo Geo to be the most expensive home gaming system with an original MSRP of $700 but now I find this Pioneer LaserActive which was apparently $970 when it came out. Even more interesting; the wiki states that it was only the second most expensive console of all time; so now I'm left wondering: What was the most expensive game console of all time?

#2 Posted by Gaff (1968 posts) -

It's in that very same wiki article? The RDI Halcyon is the most expensive console. Ever.


#3 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (4635 posts) -

We have it easy now, holy shit.

#4 Posted by Genkkaku (740 posts) -

That's similar if not cheaper than the PS3 launch price in Australia

#5 Posted by Kidavenger (3675 posts) -

@Gaff: Mystery solved!

Seems like that Halcyon shouldn't count, as they made so few of them, and it's skirting the "is it a console or a computer" line pretty hard.

#6 Posted by Viking_Funeral (2010 posts) -

It's adjusted for inflation, but yeah, we do have it pretty good now. Though the SNES/Genesis weren't that expensive comparatively buying the individual games was much more costly.

#7 Posted by plaintomato (599 posts) -

@Genkkaku said:

That's similar if not cheaper than the PS3 launch price in Australia

Adjust for inflation and...damn, the Neo Geo was over a grand in today's USA Pesos.

See? Aussie's had it easy at PS3 launch.

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