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Pipeline is a three stage Payload Race map where the two teams compete to get their bomb to the enemy's base before the other. The bombs are on carts, which run on separate tracks from each team's base to the other. To move the cart you simply stand near it and fight off enemies as you push through the different obstacles along the way. In order to be successful, some of your teammates will need to stay behind to defend your base while others make sure the cart keeps moving along.   


Stage One

The first stage is divided into two sides that are nearly identical. Each team will find their bomb cart right outside of their spawn room, on a track that leads to a closed gate. The closed gates will open after the 60 seconds of setup time have elapsed. Once that happens, both teams can start pushing their cart towards the other team's base. You will need to pass by the enemy team's spawn room to get to the capture point, so in order to win this stage, one team will need to overpower the other while they advance with the bomb cart. At the end of the track, there is a small incline in the track, leading up to the capture point. If your team stops pushing the cart before it reaches the top, it will roll back down to the bottom.
There is a building to the side of both team's spawn room that runs along the side of the map, and is completely symmetrical. This building will allow players to attack others from above, and also provides an alternate route to the other team's base. It is a good idea to use this building to gain the advantage over the other team.

Stage Two

In the second stage, the two teams will be racing their bomb carts through a tunnel that connects each team's bases. As with the first stage, the tracks run symmetrical to each other, which will allow each team to push their own cart while fighting off the enemy team. There is a large building in the center of the stage, which the tunnel runs through. This building will allow players to get to the enemy's base easily, and also provides better angles for taking out any sentries defending the enemy's base. After one team gets their cart through the tunnel, they'll see that the track, again, goes past the enemy's spawn. Your team will need to fight off the enemy team as they continue to exit their spawn, long enough to get the cart to the capture point. Like in the first stage, there is a small incline in the track right before the capture point.
The winner of the first stage will receive a small headstart at the beginning of this stage. The winning team will find their cart starts right next to the closed garage doors that are on either end of the tunnel, instead of where the track starts. This headstart is nice, but will provide very little advantage once the action starts. In the end, it will still be the better team that is victorious in this stage.

Stage Three

The third stage is an uphill race. The carts will start on flat ground, but the track will soon start going uphill. After a long push up the steep hill, there is another section of flat ground before a second incline in the tracks, the same size as the first. The capture point for both teams is right at the top of the second incline. The tracks run symmetrical to each other, not too far apart, which makes it quite a challenge to make it up these inclines. If either team stops pushing their cart before it reaches the top, it will roll back down to the bottom of that section.
There are three different starting points for each team, marked '0', '1', and '2'. If your team didn't win either of the previous stages, your cart will start at the '0' mark. If your team won one of the previous stages, it will start at the '1' mark. If your team won both of the previous matches, it will start at the '2' mark, which is right at the first incline.

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