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Piposh 2 is the second game in the Piposh series created by the Israeli video game company " Guillotine". The series focuses on Hezi Piposh, a failed actor with a bad temper and illusions of greatness. This is an adventure game filled with wacky humor and memorable character, including some from the previous game. 


 Piposh takes over the raft
Piposh 2 starts immediately where the first Piposh ended: After the explosion, Piposh swims to the small raft owned by the two characters, Nach'tshe and Katza'le, and takes it over,  accidentally throwing all the food and water overboard in the process. after being adrift at sea for 19 years, eating nothing but creamed apples (or so Piposh claims) and going completely mad, he reaches an island resort populated by a race of fanatical dwarves and must solve yet another murder mystery. On the island Piposh meets a crew of weird and twisted characters, including an imaginary friend he calls "Mephisto" who kept him company all those years at sea.  


 Piposh talking to on of the many characters in the game
Unlike the previous game, progression in Piposh 2 is achieved by collecting various items and completing puzzles, like a traditional adventure game, and not by the passing of time. The game plays like most classic adventure point and click games. Piposh must collect items and talk to characters in order to complete a variety of puzzles and tasks.

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