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The premise of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow involves both the re-telling of events featured in the movie The Curse of the Black Pearl and adventures that presumably took place before the second film Dead Man's Chest. As recounted by Captain Jack Sparrow, who awaits hanging alongside Will Turner after their capture in the game's first chapter, the events of the film are embellished upon to make Jack's accomplishments seem heroic. The player can switch between Jack and either Will Turner or Elizabeth Swann, depending upon the scene.

The Legend of Jack Sparrow draws influences from third-person character action games like God of War. Combat is composed of light and heavy sword swings in a combo system that produces specific moves, such as a series of quick thrusts or spin-attack. Combos and new moves can be unlocked/leveled in the pause menu by spending gold collected from defeating enemies, smashing crates, and finding treasure chests. Additionally, the characters also have a ranged attack—"Grog Bombs" for Jack, Hand Axes for Will and Elizabeth—that factor both into the combat as well as interactions with the environment. For example, a barricade may need to be cleared by an explosion or a rope severed by a thrown axe.

Voice Cast

Notably, Johnny Depp is the only actor from the movies to voice their character in the game. All voice work is original to the game.

  • Johnny Depp — Captain Jack Sparrow
  • Crispin Freeman — Will Turner
  • Eliza Schneider — Elizabeth Swann
  • Brian George — Hector Barbossa
  • Steve Blum — Joshamee Gibbs/Black Smoke James
  • Ron Bottitta — Scabs
  • Chris Edgerly — Portuguese Officer/Portuguese Captain (Executioner)
  • Greg Ellis — Ragetti/Pintel/Fat Pirate/Spanish Soldier
  • Keith Ferguson — El Grande/Pequeño
  • Quinton Flynn — Lucky/Ice Viking King/Magistrate of Nassau
  • Nika Futterman — Madame Tang/Scarlett
  • Nolan North — Don Carrera De La Vega
  • Steve Stanton — Mallot/Stubb
  • Fred Tatasciore — Bosun/Koehler
  • James Arnold Taylor — Mr. Cotton's Parrot/Marty

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