Real Pizzas Have Anchovies

#1 Posted by elektrixx (312 posts) -

Yeah, that's right.

The smell. The look. The taste. This ingredient defines a great pizza, but some people will never learn.

Facts have just been written.

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Ha ha !!! I was visiting my dad last summer and there was some cold pizza in the fridge.  I decided to have a slice and about two bits in I bit into an anchovy.  It was horrible!!!

#4 Posted by calf_exercises (858 posts) -

I have never seen a pizza with anchovies on it in my whole life. It must be an american thing

#5 Posted by Vlademir (1029 posts) -

I've actually never had a Anchovy before. I guess I have something new on my list of things to try. Right under attempting to web-sling off of a building.

#6 Posted by Dalai (7090 posts) -
I must respectably disagree with the topic creator.  The purpose of an anchovy is to make the other pizzas look better.
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Never had anchovies, maybe some day I'll try it.

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I guess I'll have my pizzas imaginary, then. Way too salty.


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I really have to disagree. I think they are vile and disgusting, and I love pretty much all food.

#11 Posted by Irishjohn (581 posts) -

Has to be. Anchovies are awesome, in general.  Those who have never had anchovies should start with anchovies on toast.  Yeah.

#12 Posted by Fax (534 posts) -

I hate Anchovies.

#13 Posted by randiolo (1108 posts) -
Irishjohn said:
"Has to be. Anchovies are awesome, in general.  Those who have never had anchovies should start with anchovies on toast.  Yeah."
amen... i eat em out of a jar way
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Anchovies are too salty. Hate them.

#15 Posted by clarke0 (1077 posts) -

Anchovies suck. They should not disgrace any food by being added as a topping.

#16 Posted by Kush (8889 posts) -

I think you should put down the crack pipe and take the anchovies off of your pizza!

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