What is your favorite kind of Pizza?

#1 Posted by FinalBoss (87 posts) -


#2 Posted by sdodd02 (722 posts) -

sausage or pepperoni

#3 Posted by Telecomdog (28 posts) -

Pepperoni, mushroom, and sausage

#4 Posted by Dead_Pixel (36 posts) -

Pepperoni for me.

#5 Posted by Immunity (71 posts) -

I'll take anything really, but pepperoni is my favorite.

#6 Posted by suneku (2997 posts) -

pepperoni, bacon, and bell peppers

#7 Posted by MattyFTM (14454 posts) -

A million diferent types of meat.

#8 Posted by TSchonbeck (127 posts) -

Spinach, kebab, feta

#9 Posted by banksrob (1126 posts) -

pepperoni :P:P

#10 Posted by Resonate (172 posts) -

all of em

#11 Posted by JohnDudebro (924 posts) -

I like a pepperoni pizza without cheese. Weird, I know, but I've never been a fan of cheese. It's still totally delicious.

#12 Posted by Pikachu (449 posts) -

pepperoni and sausage

#13 Posted by Philanthropy (142 posts) -

Jalapeno and chicken.

#14 Posted by Shocker (2339 posts) -

Pepperoni for sure.

#15 Posted by kyrom (25 posts) -

pepperoni and some breakfast bacon.

Unbeatable combination.  Plus you can eat it any time of the day.

#16 Posted by Met2609 (555 posts) -

Cheese Pizza.

Gotta keep it simple...

#17 Posted by Dalai (7110 posts) -

I like mine with pepperoni or bacon.

Of course, I like the Old Forge style when I'm in the mood for something local.

#18 Posted by Steve_Ramirez (1258 posts) -

Has to have at least three different animals on mine, so all meat I guess. Pizza My Heart and maybe straw hat

#19 Posted by Dakota (248 posts) -

Pepperoni, Bacon, and Mushroom. Ya... I'm Canadian.

#20 Posted by epic_pets (1339 posts) -

only cheese

#21 Posted by twenty0ne (3071 posts) -

Lots of cheese.

#22 Posted by Aaron_G (1619 posts) -


#23 Posted by Timma1083 (566 posts) -

Cheese :D

#24 Posted by Scorched (691 posts) -

the simple but delicious pepperoni

#25 Posted by SpinalClash (13 posts) -

MEAT LOVERS!!!!!!!!! with lots of cheese of course lol

#26 Posted by Cry0Tek (28 posts) -

MEAT HATERS!!!!!!! With lots of vegetables. :P

I'm obviously a vegetarian, and pineapple is an amazing topping on pizza!
#27 Posted by Breadfan (6590 posts) -


#28 Posted by Kevin (369 posts) -

Just the classic cheese. Sometimes I go for pepperoni and mushrooms when I'm in the mood.

#29 Posted by geneticgamer (45 posts) -

Extra cheese

#30 Posted by Dimsey (968 posts) -

ham, cheese, bacon and sometimes sausage. But mostly the first three. Nothing fancy.

#31 Posted by Duke (60 posts) -

Meat lovers + cheese = awesome

#32 Posted by Fax (534 posts) -
#33 Posted by DualReaver (3882 posts) -

Works with no peperoni or Green pepper.
God I fucking hate Green Pepper.

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