Your favorite pizza place

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What is your local pizza shop that you know and love?
Anywhere in the world people, lets hear them!
My favorite would have to go to Mia's Pizza and Pasta in North Balwyn, Melbourne
Friendly, fast and the best damn pizza I have ever had.
If you are ever in Melbourne go there and try the Mexicana pizza
It is a slice of spicy salami heaven

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There's about 12 within walking distance from my house. Couple of my favorites: Mineo's, Mondouri's, Jojo's, Mister Submarine.

Aww, yeah. I totally want pizza.

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cold frozen pizza > all

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Brother's pizza.

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The best pizza here in Pittsburgh can be found at Fiori's Pizzaria.

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I'm origianlly from Long Island. There there were a million pizzarias with names like Vincent's, Guido's, Luigi's, etc.. They were all pretty great. I live in San Diego now. Pizza here is pretty bad.


Also, I can't find garlic knots anywhere. Same thing when I lived in DC. Are garlic knots a New York thing?

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commercial old new york pizza beats anything local round here.

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Vinnie and Joe's, local place.

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I'm hungry now. :(

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Argentos  or sometimes i can actually stand Papa Johns.

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papa johns ftw

#12 Posted by piecat (403 posts) -

Papa Murphy's

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Papa John's is my place.

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Papa Gino's ftw!

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I live in Bum Fuck, Egypt, so there are no local mom-and-pop pizza joints. There's a Papa John's, Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Little Caeser's, and a few other chain restaurants. Now, as far as chain places go, I'm partial to Papa John's. I love their garlic butter.

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ReTarDedFisHy just has to flop downstairs to get some Pizza Hut
Smirky face >:)

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Only have a Pizza Haven around here, so Pizza Haven. They're pretty damn good, though.

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Pizza Hut do suprisingly epic pizza. I only go with the buffet there though, to save money and such:)

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I love pizza hut, its the best

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Pikachu said:
"papa johns ftw
Seconded. Their tomato sauce is a gift from the God's themselves.
There's also a place called Milenio's that has the nicest spicy pizza's ever, and put more meat on than there is actual pizza base.
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Vivo's pizza is mine...

I never liked Mushroom pizzas till i had theirs, mushrooms and melted cheese curds drool....

Dammit now cause of this topic i want to go out and have some.

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#24 Posted by Breadfan (6803 posts) -

Pizza World

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There is a place near my hoouse called Sopranos. I can get 2 large pizzas for 15 bucks.

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Pizza Hut

#30 Posted by whallett (28 posts) -

Blue Moon Pizza (baby chain), Papa Murphy's (mega chain), Mama's Pizza (Milwaukee, local)

#31 Posted by Curfew (150 posts) -

Little Cezars.

#32 Posted by Gnat (85 posts) -

z pizza mmm

#33 Posted by LiquidPrince (16298 posts) -

I work at a Domino's so... That or Abruzzo's.

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Curfew said:
"Little Cezars."
Eww, really? If it's the same Little Caesars franchise I'm thinking about, then their pizza's suck...

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Pizza Pizza & Pizza Hut

#36 Posted by LiquidPrince (16298 posts) -
elbow said:
"Pizza Pizza & Pizza Hut"
Canada eh?
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Allen's NY Pizza has the meatiest, biggest, greasiest pizza in town.
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I don't eat much pizza here but when I do I treat myself too some pizza hut

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Papa John's.

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mainstream: papa johns
local: pizza pauls

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i do pizza hut a lot... 
But, i have a question for those who live in CT and do pizza.... 
Is wooster St. pizza really that good? 
i've never tried them before,so.... 
Whatta ya think? :S
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There's a local Pizza restaurant near my house where I live in a city called Gävle in Sweden, it's called Pizza House and they make delicious Pizzas with great toppings on them and they aren't that expensive
Man, this thread is making me wanna order a Pizza right now

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@Venatio said:
"There's a local Pizza restaurant near my house where I live in a city called Gävle in Sweden, it's called Pizza House and they make delicious Pizzas with great toppings on them and they aren't that expensive  Man, this thread is making me wanna order a Pizza right now "

PIZZA TIME~! - A Orange badana-wearing Ninja Turtle who loves pizza.
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Boston Pizza. 
Only place I know that serves Spicy Pirogi Pizza, other then my kitchen.

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Not sure if I can answer that question... :P 
There are at least 5-6 pizza places I regularly go to/order from... I'm not sure if I could pick a favorite... 
Two Guys? Papa Johns? Pizza Hut? Fratelli's? (And a few others?) 
ARGHHH- o_o 
Can't decide. :P

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