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Plane of Sky

The Plane of Sky is the realm of Veeshan, the Wyrmqueen. Her plane is unlike the others known to the people of Norrath, for there is a society of Veeshan worshippers here who offer quests in the form of tests of skill to adventurers of any class who come here. The plane itself, as viewed by mortals, is comprised of a series of massive floating islands held together by gigantic chains. Veeshan herself is not present here, for they say her divinity and power is too great for any mortal to comprehend. Even in her absence, all of the creatures found here serve her faithfully. Legend states that when the universe was young, Veeshan travelled through the comsos marking planets she claimed as her own. The other gods then followed, taking interest in any worlds deemed worthy of Veeshan.

The Plane of Sky is all about progression, because each island is only accessible after meeting certain requirements on the previous one. Unlike anywhere else, adventurers must work together to solve the riddles of the realm and earn enough keys to continue. Similar to the Plane of Hate, there is no entrance to Veeshan's astral plane from the material realm of Norrath. A wizard must teleport his or her companions to the plane using a stone discovered by the Erudites. The stone is sold only in the great library of Erudin. While visiting the plane, everyone will learn one simple lesson; don't mess with Sirran the Lunatic.

Unique Details

The Key Master

The Plane of Sky is a unique zone in many ways. Many rules apply here that don't apply in most of the rest of the game. These quirks are largely why so many people love the zone, and why so many people hate it.

  • All buffs are stripped upon entering the Plane of Sky.
  • All teleportation spells do not work in Plane of Sky.
  • Players cannot join the raid in progress. Due to the method of progression from isle to isle, each player must loot a key to proceed.
  • For the most part, the creatures (even bosses) do not drop noteworthy loot. They all drop dozens of seemingly random objects which are used in the various class-based quests obtained on Isle 1.
  • All boss mobs are on an 80 minute timer once they are triggered. If the raid fails to defeat a boss, and time runs out, the raid is over.
  • Dueling another player will cause all nearby NPCs to attack both players.
  • Speaking out loud (/say) will anger Sirran the Lunatic. He will react by killing the speaker, knocking them off the island, and/or despawning, thus ending the raid.
  • Keys required for progressing disappear once the player leaves the zone. Only 24 keys are available on each isle, meaning 24 is the max raid size unless you have people purposely die and have a necromancer summon their corpses to the next isle.
  • All levitation spells do not work in Plane of Sky.
  • Magicians can only summon air elemental pets, which will appear as blue genies instead of how they usually do.
  • Shadow Knights cannot summon pets at all.
  • Necromancer pets appear as purple will o' wisps.
  • Call of Hero, a mage spell used to summon another player in his/her group, does not work in Plane of Sky.

Neighboring Zones

  • Entering - None (accessed via Wizard teleportation)
  • Exiting - Freeport (falling from the islands results in landing in ocean off the coast of Freeport)


Isle 1 - Fairie Isle

Thunder Spirits

The starting island is relatively safe. The Key Master sells keys to the lower isles, but for an extremely high price. The eight faeries will not attack unless provoked, and each drop three key pieces required to get to the next two isles. Upon the death of the princess, Sirran the Lunatic appears for the first time. Using the Key of Swords on the teleportation platform will send players to Noble Dojorn's Isle, while using the Key of Misplaced will result in going to Isle 2. Beneath this isle, underground, is a chamber full of efreeti and other noble people offering quests specific to each class.

Noble Dojorn Isle

Nothing here will attack without reason, but the blade storms will defend Dojorn. Killing Dojorn is completely optional, but doing so will spawn The Overseer of Air up on Isle 4.

Isle 2 - Azarack Isle


The nine azaracks flying around the isle are extremely hostile. They each drop pieces of a broken mirror which are the keys to Isle 3. Once the ninth one falls, the Protector of Sky appears. Sirran returns after the protector dies and exchanges the mirror pieces for Keys of Misfortune.

Isle 3 - Gorgalosk Isle

The many creatures of this isle are not aggressive, but will assist each other if provoked. They all drop animal figurines, which must be returned to Sirran the Lunatic once Gorgalosk is slain.

Isle 4 - Pegasus Isle

Essence Harvesters

When arriving to this isle, there three griffons and three pegasuses. They are not hostile, but will certainly help each other. Each pegasus and griffon will split into two more when slain. And each of those that split from the original will respawn upon death. So, each pegasus and griffon here is really five creatures. Only the original six creatures carry key pieces, bird whistles. Eventually, the Keeper of Souls will appear and begin death-touching raiders. If Dojorn has been defeated previously, the Overseer of Air must be dealt with as well, often simultaneously. Sirran will appear again once the Keeper is defeated and exchange the whistles for Avian Keys.

Isle 5 - Spiroc Isle

Spiroc Isle

Eleven spirocs inhabit the fifth isle. There are three groups of three, each with a vanquisher, and then the Guardian and Lord. The vanquisher must be slain first in each group, otherwise the other spirocs in his group will continuously respawn. The three vanquishers drop noisemakers, which must be handed to Sirran in exchange for Keys of the Swarm once the Guardian and Lord have fallen.

  • Spiroc Arbiters
  • Spiroc Banisher
  • Spiroc Callers
  • Spiroc Expuslers
  • The Spiroc Guardian
  • The Spiroc Lord
  • Spiroc Revolters
  • Spiroc Vanquishers
  • Spiroc Walkers

Isle 6 - Bzzazzt Isle

The sixth isle is one of the most challenging. The three bixies that inhabit the isle are highly aggressive, which makes fighting them one at a time almost impossible. To make matters worse, the left and right side bixies split in a similar way to the creatures on Isle 4. The center one, once defeated, will bring about Bazzt Zzzt. The original bixies each drop eight dull dragon scales which should be given to Sirran in exchange for Keys of Scale.

Isle 7 - Sister of the Spire Isle

Greater Sphinxes

The drakes and sphinxes here are not aggressive. Unlike the previous isle, this one is pretty straight forward. Kill the drakes and sphinxes, loot the replicas of the wurm queen, and hand them to Sirran in order to make it to the final isle.

Isle 8 - Butterfly Isle

The final island is inhabited by the Eye of Veeshan. The Hand of Veeshan will also be here if the Overseer of Air has been slain back on Isle 4. Defeating them is a true bragging right for anyone on the face of Norrath.

  • Eye of Veeshan
  • The Hand of Veeshan

Quest NPCs

Quest Room

These quest givers reside beneath the first isle and offer some of the rarest items in the world.

  • Bards - Cilin Spellsinger, Clarisa Spiritsong
  • Clerics - Deric Lennox, Josin Faithbringer
  • Druids - Strandar Pinemist, Will Treewalker
  • Enchanters - Enchanter Jolas, Lelulean
  • Magicians - Frederic Calermin, Kihun Solstin, Magus Frinon, Master of Elements, Roanis Elindar
  • Monks - Holwin, Ton Po, Wu the Enlightened
  • Necromancers - Drakis Bloodcaster, Dugaas Helpyre, Jzil GSix
  • Paladins - Dason Goldblade, Dirkog Steelhand, Gregori Lightbringer
  • Rangers - Ranger Spirit, Relinin Skyrunner
  • Rogues - Rayne, Thalik Silenthand
  • Shadow Knights - Sarkis Ebonblade
  • Shaman - Medicine Man Veetra, Ooga
  • Warriors - Ogog, Torgon Blademaster
  • Wizards - Neasin Leornic, Wizard Schrock

Quest Items


Bzzazzt Isle
  • Test of Brass - Denon's Horn of Disaster
  • Test of Harmony - Harmonic Spear
  • Test of Pitch - Ervaj's Flute of Flight
  • Test of Tone - Mask of Song
  • Test of Voice - Mantle of the Songweaver
  • Test of Wind - Fae Amulet


  • Test of Courage - Truewind Earring
  • Test of Protection - Pauldrons of Piety
  • Test of Resolution - Necklace of Resolution
  • Test of Skill - Aegis of the Wind
  • Test of the Weak - Truwian Baton
  • Test of Theurgy - Theurgist's Star


Pegasus Isle
  • Test of Nature - Espri
  • Test of the Bear - Nature Walker's Mantle
  • Test of the Bee - Honeycomb Belt
  • Test of the Eagle - Spiroc Banisher Focus
  • Test of the Tree - Shillelagh
  • Test of the Wolf - Drake-Hide Mask


  • Test of Deception - Ivory Mask
  • Test of Disillusion - Earring of Displacement
  • Test of Illusion - Sphinx Hair Cord
  • Test of Incapacitation - Rod of the Protecting Winds
  • Test of Memorization - Necklace of Whispering Winds
  • Test of Metamorphism - Wind Walker's Mantle


Sister of the Spire Isle
  • Test of Clarification - Bracelet of Clarification
  • Test of Displacement - Staff of Elemental Mastery: Air
  • Test of Empowerment - Mask of Empowerment
  • Test of Gesticulation - Staff of the Magister
  • Test of Interpretation - Duennan Shielding Ring
  • Test of Shielding - Gold White Pendant
  • Test of Summoning - Drake-Hide Amice


  • Test of Fists - Wu's Tranquil Fist
  • Test of Sight - Ton Po's Eye Patch
  • Test of Speed - Sandals of Alacrity
  • Test of Strength - Mystical Back Straps
  • Test of Tears - Ton Po's Shoulder Wraps
  • Test of Tranquility - Golden Sash of Tranquility


The Storm Mistress
  • Test of Flight - Bloody Griffon-Hide Wrist Guard
  • Test of Heart - Sphinx Heart Amulet
  • Test of Power - Cloak of Spiroc Feathers
  • Test of the Finger - Band of Wailing Winds
  • Test of the Hands - Gorgon Head Staff
  • Test of the Mind - Bloodsoaked Raiment


  • The Fiery Avenger
  • Test of Compassion - Truvinan
  • Test of Love - Thelvorn, Blade of Light
  • Test of Sacrifice - Aldryn, Blade of the Ocean
  • Test of Spirit - Girdle of Faith


The Eye of Veeshan
  • Test of Body - Griffon Talon Necklace
  • Test of Defense - Dark Cloak of the Sky
  • Test of Earth - Earthshaker's Mantle
  • Test of Ranged Attack - Windstriker
  • Test of the Blade - Arydryidriyorn
  • Test of Thunder - Thunderforged Earring


  • Test of Cunning - Crystal Mask
  • Test of Deception - Thornstinger
  • Test of Silence - Griffon Wing Spauldors
  • Test of Stealth - Scintillating Bracer of Protection
  • Test of Thievery - Wispy Choker of Vigor
  • Test of Trickery - Renard's Belt of Quickness

Shadow Knights

Plane of Sky
  • Test of Bash - Amulet of the Sphinx Eye
  • Test of Disempowerment - Blood Sky Face Plate
  • Test of Envenoming - Obtenebrate Mithril Guard
  • Test of Necropotence - Rheumguls
  • Test of Raising the Dead - Pearlescent Pauldrons
  • Test of Slash - Pegasus-Hide Belt
  • Test of Smash - Crimson Ring of the Djinni


  • Test of Health - Bracelet of the Spirits
  • Test of Might - Amulet of the Fang
  • Test of Shrink - Warhammer of the Wind
  • Test of Sight - Fairy-Hide Mantle
  • Test of the Snake - Vermilion Sky Ring
  • Test of the Witch Doctor - Garduk


Plane of Sky
  • Test of Bash - Fangol
  • Test of Force - Pauldrons of the Blue Sky
  • Test of Skill - Azure Ruby Ring
  • Test of Smash - Dagas
  • Test of Strength - Runed Wind Amulet
  • Test of Think - Belt of the Four Winds


  • Test of Concentration - Augmentor's Mask
  • Test of Conception - Solidate Mithril Ring
  • Test of Focus - Al`Kabor's Cap of Binding
  • Test of Meditation - Raiment of Thunder
  • Test of Preparation - Nargon's Staff
  • Test of Visualization - Amulet of Planar Transference

Loot Items

  • Belt of Concordance
  • Belt of Contention
  • Belt of Iniquity
  • Belt of the Pine
  • Belt of Quiescence
  • Belt of Tranquility
  • Belt of Transience
  • Belt of Virtue
  • Blade of Abrogation
  • Bracelet of Cessation
  • Bracelet of Distortion
  • Bracelet of Exertion
  • Bracelet of Quiescence
  • Crown of Elemental Mastery
  • Efreeti Weapons Golden
  • Efreeti Armor
  • Sphinxian Circlet
  • Stein of Flowing Ichor
  • Symbol of Marr
  • Treant Tear
  • Weight of the Gods
  • White Satin Gloves
  • Whitened Treant Fists
  • Wind Etched Bracers of Ro

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