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Modern Warfare 2

At the beginning of Modern Warfare 2's tenth mission the player is seated in a helicopter flying towards a Russian Gulag. As the chopper gets closer two F-16 jets pull up alongside and open fire on the Gulag, launching multiple missiles before screaming away into the distance. What this serves to do is to remind the player that they are part of a very serious operation, the majority of which is out of their control. Also how much funner it would be to be in one of those super cool jets as apposed to the rickety old tin cans they are currently slouched within. One of these two jets reappears a moment later, blasting out of nowhere to assault a tower filled with enemies, all of whom the player was about to engage.


The most important thing MAG has to offer is it's sense of scale. This is exemplified when, during large scale 256 player battles, the Assaulting team's leader gains the ability to deploy a transport plane. This in turn allows players to parachute out and advance more quickly without having to retreat all the way back their spawn every time they die. This asset can be deployed once the enemy's air emplacements have been taken down and can be key to winning battles if deployed at the correct time. The plane makes a pass over around once every 20 seconds, every time it does I leap out of my chair and pump my fist in the air.

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