Is Planescape:Torment still really worth playing today?

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So I was just gifted a copy of Planescape: Torment today from a friend since it was released on, and I was wondering if this is a game that hasn't aged too terribly by today's standards and is still fun to play or is still worth experiencing.
A little back history, I actually never played a lot of CRPG's from this era. I never got into Ultima, D&D, or even any Baldur's Gate games or Elder Scrolls games (other than Oblivion). The closest thing that comes to anything from this era is playing Diablo which isn't really a hardcore RPG anyways. My natural progression was pretty typical for RPG's on the computer - moved on to Diablo 2, then played some Everquest then WoW. I also enjoyed Dragon Age quite thoroughly.
I also wasn't aware of's silly antics that occured, as that is unfortunate and ridiculous, but hey, I was gifted the game for free so it's not like I can complain too much.

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I'd say so. The story in that game and how it crafts the story and your character based on your actions is really really cool. 

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I'm going to be very honest and opinion-driven when I say that the game hasn't aged well in terms of playing it. 
(Wears flame-suit)
I think the story is worth enduring the oldness though. If you are looking for a game with stark, heady subject matter, planescape torment is good stuff.

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One of the greatest games ever, play it and thank your friend.  I won't claim that the gameplay is the best thing ever, but it's not bad, and the story more than makes up for it.  I'm jealous that you get to play it for the first time.

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I'd like to see a remake of the game where they don't touch the story AT ALL but maybe make the gameplay a bit more modern.

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@thehexeditor said:
" I'm going to be very honest and opinion-driven when I say that the game hasn't aged well in terms of playing it.  (Wears flame-suit)  I think the story is worth enduring the oldness though. If you are looking for a game with stark, heady subject matter, planescape torment is good stuff. "
That's exactly the kind of answer I want to hear though, honest, so I thank you for that. I'd hate to play a game only to find out the support and praise was all fan-boy driven.
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Only if you're lucky enough to get it running without any problems.

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From the little I played of it, it's like Baldur's Gate with way worse combat and way better dialog, so from a gameplay perspective I doubt it holds up so well when compared to its fellow infinity engine compatriots. But apparently the story is super awesome.
 If you are going to play it though, I recommend you at least install a widescreen mod, as 640x480 isn't the most pleasant resolution to play a game in in this day and age.

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@thehexeditor:  What old RPG would you play? I've often dreamed of Wizardry 8.
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@Claude:  I would still crack open Baldur's Gate II if I had the time.
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@thehexeditor: On that note, is it totally worth going back to explore Baldurs Gate 1 and 2 if I was to pose the same questions as I did in my original post?
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Simple answer: Fuck Yes. I still play it every two or three years. It's not as open or as greatly designed as BG2 or others, but it's an exotic setting with what is THE BEST story in games, with incredibly deep characters that makes Mass Effect 2 look weak (and I LOVE Mass Effect 2), an amazing plot that focuses on the personal rather than the epic, and music and visuals that may be dated, but are stll nonetheless haunting.
I don't pretend I'm not biased. I loved that game since it came out a decade ago. But there is a reason I loved it then, and not much else I liked back then holds up that Torment has. It's old. Real Old. And if you are young, you might not like that too much. But if you like narrative and setting, well it doesn't get much better.

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@heatDrive88:  If you can't tolerate the old ass Infinity Engine (heck, I don't  blame these people), then no. Otherwise, sure.
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@heatDrive88 said:
" @thehexeditor: On that note, is it totally worth going back to explore Baldurs Gate 1 and 2 if I was to pose the same questions as I did in my original post? "
I never liked BG1, BG2 and its expansion in the other hand were a great deal of fun. I have not played it since it came out. But if you think you can tolerate the old graphics I would say to give BG2 a try.
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I picked it up on Gog. I had tried to play it a few years ago when a friend of mine lent me his copy. Could never get it to work properly. Looking forward to play it for the first time.

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I played it years ago and couldn't get into it. I didn't even get halfway through the first disc. But some people will swear on their life that it's an ass kicker, so maybe the story picks up as you get more into it.

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As far as story goes, I've yet to find anything that video game that compares.  If games are ever considered as works of literature, this on will be first in line.

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The story, world, and exploration aspects are some of the best-realised of any RPG ever made, so by default yes. Only relatively superficial things will have aged terribly, interfaces will have gotten easier to use but it's still relatively intuitive compared to very old CRPGs such as the early Ultimas.

You owe it to yourself to have at least played this game, and if possible to see it through to the end. It's worth it.

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Its still worth it.

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Most definitely.

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Here's a really good guide on tweaking the game to help get over some of those outdated gameplay hurdles. 
It's for the disc based version of the game so a lot of it isn't going to be relevant (like the first two steps).  I have the original discs so I can't verify if the rest works for the GOG version, but it's definitely worth a try.  (According to the comments everything works great with the GOG version.  You just need to skip steps 1 and 2 because they're already done for you.)
The widescreen mod (combined with Ghostdog's UI mod), ultimate fixpack, unfinished business, and tweak pack make the game a lot easier on the eyes and a little more playable by today's standards. 
Also, the widescreen mod supposedly works (or has variations) for other Black Isle cRPGs like Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale, for those interested.

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I couldn't find a bigger yes. Please tell if needed.

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You should play it if only for the setting and atmosphere.  It's a really unique game in those regards.  The gameplay is standard old school WRPG.  Nothing wrong with that, but it is what it is. 
Updated my journal!  Now I want to go play Planescape again.

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Never played Planescape:Torment and I always wanted to because of the all around universal acclaim. I see that it is $9.99 and runs on Win7 64-bit. No excuse not to get it now.

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Speaking as someone who is not a fanboy, I genuinely recommend that you give this game a chance. Honestly, I had a lot of trouble and frustrations getting it to work, and having almost no voiced dialogue was a terrible bummer (especially as they've got Michael T. Weiss from The Pretender and only gave him like a dozen spoken lines). Nevertheless, the atmosphere, the story, the music... the whole experience was well worth it.

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Short answer?
Long answer?
Absouletely, you should play it, yessss.

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I just picked this up, am about 1-2 hours in. I can say the game is very intriguing and well written, still decent-looking, but the UI has aged TERRIBLY. Certain ways you select skills make no sense, and the UI devotes way too much space to showing portraits of you characters instead of actually making their items and abilities accessible. As someone pointed out, though, it's still way more intuitive than older RPGs, and if you've played, say, Dragon Age: Origins, you can just pretend you zoomed out all the way and it functions very similarly.

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I won't deny that I'm a huge Planescape fanboy but I can still give an honest answer. 
The only aspects of the game are aged are the graphics, UI, and [lack of] audio.  They're not exactly bad, just old as hell.  Admittedly these are the nuts and bolts of any game, but everything else remains excellent.  After playing for an hour you will probably know whether or not the dated aspects are making it unenjoyable.  If you are still interested, you will soon learn to love it.
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I've seem nothing but good things about it and how I must play it. I guess it is. I should follow their head. 

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Yes. A thousand times yes.  
You can update the resolution. Get fan made mods to clean up some of the jank, and it makes it all almost completely new.  
This guide will give you everything you need and the instructions on how to install it. 

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