7th Luchadeers Battalion now recruiting. (NC/Waterson East Coast)

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Hey guys,

Decided to go ahead and start up a GB outfit on the Waterson server (that's east coast). I went with the New Conglomerate because of the poll and it's also my own preference. If you have any interest in joining, contact or friend me in-game (as Grimhild) and I'll send you an invite or just leave the following in your post:

Soldier's name (not your station name).

Time of day that you prefer to log on.

Basic rules of the website apply; Don't be a dick. If you're looking for a more Tactikewl and/or serious play style, I've unlocked the tools in the Leader cert trees to keep the lines of communication with other Outfits open for coordinated offensives. If that's not your thing, just jump in and have fun!

Using the in-game VoiP is not required, but I would strongly encourage it for Pilot/Driver and Gunner coordination. If you can't hear anyone and they can't hear you, take a look at the Transmit/Receive volumes in your settings. If someone sounds extremely faint, you can also increase each person's volume individually through the social tab.

@wordfalling said:

It is /s to talk to the squad and /os to talk to the outfit. Ctrl+tab cycles between chat windows and if you are in the outfit or squad tab, hitting enter will fill in the proper slash command.

Duder NameSoldier Name

If I'm not online, contact Luchadeer Officers and NCO's Blackbern, OfMeatbeef, InspectorLee, Subjugating, MorbidCoffee or TechBandit in-game for an invite to the outfit.

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Woooo. Seraphinya is my character name.

(starting over on this server, I guess, though I'm pretty lost ingame.)

Also, thanks for initiating.

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I should download this...

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Sign me up, InspectorLee. Going to be back to rank one but shouldn't take long to get back up to speed.

Edit: My schedule is pretty inconsistent so I may be online at anytime but east coast evenings will be more frequent.

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I'm interested in joining. I'll be in contact when I'm less drun... preoccupied.

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Name in game is Yooont. Can't wait to start killing those dirty Terrans and Vanu.

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Smurf reporting in. I'll drop my info in here once I get back to my desktop at university, but this outfit better take off. This game is worlds more fun with a good organized group.

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Just downloaded the game tonight. I have no idea what I'm doing but it's kind of dumb fun. I'm still waiting to see if a couple of friends are interested in playing with me, but as of now if you see MorbidCoffee on NC/Waterson, that's me.

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@wordfalling: @Christoffer: @JustTheThreeOfUs: @Subjugation:

Just a little update.

Grabbed 9 of you so far, but if you could do me a solid and edit your posts with the time you're logged on, I'll make an effort to hop on to invite you since it won't let me when you're offline. Currently in the process of saving up cert points to get access to the command channel to better co-ordinate troop movements with the other outfits on the server.


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Heya i made a NC duder on there called MeggerBomber my Steam is http://steamcommunity.com/id/MShini too if its easier to hit me up on there too. Im in the Uk and i often work mornings or evenings so play times could be any time really during the day depends what im working.

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@Grimhild: Sounds good. I meant to send you a tell last night but ended up in a large offensive that caused a few hours to disappear.

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My "station name" is DoktorHaus. Can't promise I'll be on a lot but I'm still trying to wrap my head around the game.

Also, what happened to the first 6 Luchadeer Battalions?

inb4 "We don't like to talk about what happened, but it wasn't pretty."

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@believer258 said:

I should download this...

Yes you should. Especially now since it's as easy as clicking "install" on Steam.

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ill be sure to get on later and join

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Anyone else not able log on right now?

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Login server is down. being brought back up.

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Soldier name is RafaelMusou. Already sent a friend invite over to Grimhild and Blackbern in-game. I'll have to look up on some timezones to state my "schedule" but I can't quite confirm it yet, end of semester on college is always a little hectic hehe.

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BTW solider name is conlac could i get an invite to the outfit?

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So what time is everybody usually on. I just tried playing alone tonight and can't really stand all the whining from random guys on NC who do nothing but complain about how bad NC is when they run headfirst into a group of 20 enemies or stand in front of your gun while you're shooting it.

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Any NC Connery duders find themselves lost in this thread? Soldier name is my GB name!!

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Friended some more of you to catch you the next time you log on. Others "were not found" () which means the name is either wrong on the thread or it's not on the same server... or it's just buggy. I'll keep trying though.

I also think it would be fun to organize a "Flight of the Luchadeers/GiantBombing Run." So tomorrow around 5pm or so, whoever is logged in can jump in their Liberators with the rest of us and do some carpet-bombing.

Hopefully we can get something like this going:

Loading Video...
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Awesome! So glad to see this got going. I just made a new character, TheBanananator. I really hope that the lag is bearable (I live in Hawaii) so I can play with you guys. Not sure what time I can play, but I'll try to hop on when I wake up (it's almost 4 am here).

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I'm in! Just made a new character on Waterson for this. The name is Schmollian220

I try to be on at about 6:30-7:00 PM Central US time.

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my schedule is kinda random so i dont know what time ill be on

my name is fatirish7890

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@Grimhild: 5PM in what time zone?

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@Grimhild: Thanks for the invite. Sounds good, I'll probably be on around 5:30 or 6:00 eastern tonight.

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Central. But nothing specific, just around that time, give or take an hour. Just wanted to put out something ballpark for people to have.

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@Grimhild: could you you try to send it again my name is still conlac

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Am I correct in thinking creating a new soldier on a different server means starting with no certs? Not that I'm that far along, but if so it's a bummer. Maybe I'll just make a Waterson dude.

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@Chtasm said:

Am I correct in thinking creating a new soldier on a different server means starting with no certs? Not that I'm that far along, but if so it's a bummer. Maybe I'll just make a Waterson dude.


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Soldier's name is Rorke.

#32 Posted by Morbid_Coffee (974 posts) -

I'll be on in an hour.

#33 Posted by Grimhild (794 posts) -


Yeah, that's one reason I wanted to get one going before too long so people didn't take too much of a hit on the certs and possible micro-transactions if they felt like changing servers.

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Soldier name: TheHT

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So im all over this game like princess diana is to steering wheels..I have a BR20 on matterson.. I might be willing to make the jump to the GB side of things. But, how many people do we have ? how active are we? how aggressive is the NC on this server ? as in are we only taking over, when the other 3 factions are asleep in the wee hours of the night ? I don't have enough time to really "keep up" two accounts.

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My characters name is BreakfastKing.

I'm pretty good at shooters, but I'll admit I have no fucking clue whats going on in this game most of the time. Its fun, I just think I'd enjoy it better with people to play with :)

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So far we have about 20 people, I'd say we're about average on being active, and the NC are in the fight, but somewhat unorganized as a whole at the moment. I've noticed people are tending to fight on every continent with both sides at once instead of forming a concerted offensive. The maps on Waterson tend to be broken up pretty regularly.

If you're worried about maintaining your certs and BR, then by all means, stick with Matterson. At the moment everyone is still getting the hang of things, so it's not unlike herding cats to get people organized.

Or make the switch, either way.

@BreakfastKing: @wordfalling:

Good having you Duders in there today :) I had a blast with all you guys.

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@Grimhild: Yep, that was a hoot. My KDR is abysmal but my score is okay so I guess those repairs, resupplies and spots add up. I'm going to max engineer skills at first as I'm not so great at the shooting part of this game.

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You seemed like you were doing fine to me. And to your credit, the NC weapons can be the hardest to handle since they have so much recoil, as is the trade off for having more damage per round. Look into getting a foregrip for your weapon of choice and that will help a fair amount.

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@Grimhild: Just got around to making my Waterson profile. Name is "Subjugating" and I'll be on for the next half hour or so if you need to invite.

#41 Posted by Chtasm (470 posts) -

Made a Waterson guy. Name is ChtasmEC (East Coast :P)

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We met a wall of Vanu hover tanks. They're especially tough to hit because they can strafe our rockets. Next time we should go get tanks of our own or perhaps select a target with less heat. That must have been a main force or something. If everyone decides to spawn a tank and zerg that can be tough to stop or break through. We did some damage before that though!

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The one thing I'm not enjoying about the game so far is how horribly outnumbered NC is all the time. I checked the player population on Erasmir after we lost like three territories in a row and both Vanu and TR have 10% more players than NC.

I mean, I like playing the game. But because of this I feel like I'm really accomplishing nothing. For every one territory we take, we lose five in the process. There really needs to be some initiative to get more people to join NC so we actually stand a fighting chance instead of being steamrolled on every single map.

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From what I've gathered the game is just about the fun of the given moment you're in and that's possible even as a free to play gamer which is nice. There are no victory conditions in place for this game, which is kind of odd, but I guess it would be too easy to abuse by some arranging to meet at hours others simply can't manage and take over the maps. As NC we can try to go where the main fights aren't and feel that we're doing some good by putting some blue spots on the map.

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Yeah I had a lot of fun today. I hopped on again later and figured things out a bit more. We had a pretty long and epic battle between each of the three factions. That helped my KD quite a bit :P

Still confused as to why my account had so much station cash already. I mean, I've played pretty much all of SOE's games but can't think of why I would have a balance.

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My soldier's name is TheLoopymonkey and I'll be playing this whenever I'm not playing Guild Wars 2.

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Yeah, those Vanu tanks today just kept coming. We did manage to hold the line for a pretty long time though. I'm still relearning the ropes so there was a bit of wandering and disorganization on my part (didn't play much of the beta or the original in a really long time), but I had a blast nonetheless. Next time we should try and get some vehicular mayhem or Max drops going on. I know we could have taken those Vanu tanks with the support of the other NC soldiers if we had a good tank column. I don't work on Monday so I'll see if I can get on around the same time.

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was anyone part of that Indar warp gate defense maybe an hour ago? The Vanu seemed to have all the tanks. Like ALL of them.

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Sign me up.


Time: Usually anywhere around 6-9 pm EST. Assuming I'm actually playing.

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Bump for fun times. We're having a good time and it would be even better with more duders! We have Reavers with hydraulics!

We did a mass Reaver run and I couldn't help but play

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