Any duders playing PS2? On Connery? TR?

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I've become entirely obsessed with Planetside over the last few months. So, who else is playing? On Connery? In the Terran Republic?

I'm not looking to start a GB outfit or anything, I just thought it might be fun to play with some like-minded people every now and then.

#2 Posted by Fink (139 posts) -

@pondwhale: Yeah, I play on Connery. NC though :/

I'm BR 100, and usually drive a Sunderer (10+ days logged driving) My IGN is SonofFink. Hope to see you around :)

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I have such a love hate relationship with this game.

I wish capturing bases was more meaningful for the meta game and that weapons were more.... creative... for a sci-f setting it's disappointing that the guns feel straight out of Battlefield.

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I play connery TR. IGN is PlanetSnide. Feel free to add me.

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