Anyone got their Beta invites?

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Hi all, just wanted to ask. Has anybody got their Beta invites yet? By that I mean not the people who went to E3, Press, ect. Because I received an e-mail a few days ago, which I thought was a Beta key, but turned out to be them saying we're going to send some out; Which was disappointing.

Or is it only Press people and Youtube big shots?

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I got that same email, like, 2 days ago. Hopefully I get the key soon!

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They are handing a bunch out over twitter... So if you really want one it's a mad dash to redeem one. I'll just wait until they start sending them in email proper. I'm too old for this shit =)

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I already had a beta key for being a subscriber to the PC Gamer mag. Got mine about 4-5 months back iirc. Just waiting to get in.

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I'm hoping I get one in my email sometime soon. I'd try to amuse them over twitter if I was a) Clever and b) actually saw a purpose to twitter. Game looks great though.

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I just got one a few days ago from the PC gamer UK magazine. Cant wait until it starts :P

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Do we have any idea when the beta is going to start?

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Not open yet. I have an email from Smed saying I can have a spot as soon as it opens so that is my ace in the hole. Super stoked.

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They are doing a Tech Test right now, which is totally different from a beta test, apparently.

SOE keeps tossing dates around, July 1st, July 17th and now July 25th, but very little seems to actually happen. I'm honestly getting sick of being toyed with, but all will be forgiven if the game turns out to be good.

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Nothing yet :'(!!

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its a 8 gig download, for a 2 hour window 2x a week to play a f2p p2w fps

better to wait til its out

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Nah. You should read more about it before jumping to conclusions with the "P2W" argument. They've spent a lot of time talking about how the micros give little to no tactical advantage to players.

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I got my "Technical Test" invite today. I don't know what to say about it (though I'm not actually supposed to say anything about it :P). It is still, understandably, in rough shape. I cannot really get a grasp for what this would be like if things weren't so janky. When Smed says this will be a "real" beta, it looks like he means it.

Anyway, fucking thrilled. I just hope that being in the "Technical Test" means I will also be in the official beta when that starts.

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Still nothing :'(!

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I got the beta invite straight from Twitter like a month ago(it just secures you a spot in the beta, nothing else) and I've been in the Tech Test for a while. 
That's pretty much all I'm allowed to say


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