Countdown timer expires soon!

#1 Posted by Lolzhacked (90 posts) -

Countdown timer on points to at least an announcement in the next few days. Very interested to see what they have in store for this sequel!

#2 Posted by VinLieger (108 posts) -

Cant fucking wait for this game, looking forward to it more than ToR

#3 Posted by Popskinz (504 posts) -

Awesome, i remember reading a lot about the first Planetside back in 2002 -- nice to see a sequel!

#4 Posted by confideration (474 posts) -

28 hours left!

I have an "in" for the beta and I'm not sure I have ever been more exited to be part of a beta.

#5 Posted by Liber (657 posts) -

I fucking LOVED the first Planetside, the game was epic while it still had players.

#6 Posted by Vorbis (2763 posts) -

Please don't disappoint SoE, especially after you killed development on the original for Everquest 2.

#7 Posted by SoldierG654342 (1872 posts) -

I used to play the hell out of Planetside pack in the day. Was even one of the Vanu's premier BFR pilots. But I fell off around BR18CR2 because I didn't have the time really for how much  work leveling was at that point. I doubt I have a machine that can run PlanetSide 2 but I'm curious to here about it and wish it success. 

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