Genudine NC outfit

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Hey bombers, I've been playing alot of planetside 2 since it launched and as such was hoping to get some sort of an outfit going for The us west coast server Genudine. If you've been playing New Conglomerate on this server or are looking to start playing as the NC this would be a good place to jump in. Just leave your character name in your comment and i'll try to be diligent about sending out invites.



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I play NC on Genudine. I play Infil or Engi mostly. I'll take an invite. Brolik is my name

#3 Posted by timmar92 (2 posts) -

Tmannen is my name, would be nice to play with some serious guys :)

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Tried to send out invites to the outfit, the game gave me an error message about not being able to find the player. Due to that i just sent a friend request, hopefully from there the game will get its shit together and i can just invite you to the outfit.

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I think the majority of us are trying to consolidate on the US East server Waterson. I live in the west but the latency isn't a problem and it's worth it to play with a bunch of other duders. Keep us in mind if you ever decide to pop on to Waterson.

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@Subjugation: Ya, i think im going to fold it into that, four guys really isnt enough to justify an outfit to me.

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NC on Waterson is a go! Add my soldier: Peeztacular.

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