*GIVEAWAY* Planetside 2 Beta Keys

#1 Posted by TheIronWeasel (30 posts) -

I know its drawing ever closer to the launch day, but I have a couple beta keys in my inbox apparently, so I figured I'd give em away. Any takers? Just reply in this thread.

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Me, me, pick me, oh you gotta pick me! :)

Myself and three friends of mine had signed up for beta early on and just never gotten a key. Been scouring the internet for the last week but there's always another guy who's faster. :-/

*puppy eyes* Pretty please with miracle berry on top? :)

#3 Posted by mcmax3000 (323 posts) -

I'd definitely be interested in that. Planetside has always sounded pretty cool, and I've always wanted to try it.

#4 Posted by hugecool (3 posts) -

I would really like to have one :D

#5 Posted by Wolfrum_920 (111 posts) -


#6 Posted by Voxus (380 posts) -

I'd like one too!

#7 Edited by James81 (3 posts) -

Can you give me key, please :(

#8 Posted by super_banana (2 posts) -


#9 Posted by TheIronWeasel (30 posts) -

Turns out I only had one to give away, I am deeply sorry for the error. The other one was previously given away. I hope kenku has a good time! If I get anymore I will post in this thread again.

#10 Edited by James81 (3 posts) -

thanks super_banana <3 THANKS! looking now for loadout beta key :D

#11 Posted by kekenu (5 posts) -

Thank you! <3

Much appreciated!

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