How does this game compare to....

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Say, Darkfall Online?

I'm always looking for PvP-focused MMOFPS's. They're a rare breed but are the most fun I've ever had on a PC.

That being said, they need to meet a few criteria in order for it to be called "my kind of game". I'm not entirely sure where PS2 stands on these criteria, and I was hoping somebody might be able to help me out.

1. Is it an open world?

2. Is it a persistent world?

3. Is it "loot based", and do you "lose your loot" on death / "loot your enemies" if you kill them?

4. Or, is it more FPS-style? (Jump in jump out servers with player caps... essentially battlegrounds)

Anyone care to fill me in? :)

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1. Yes. There are 3 continents that are hundreds of square kilometers, where you may go to any point at.

2. Yes. When your empire captures a base on one of the aforementioned continents, it remains that way until an opposing force takes it from you.

3. No, you purchase certifications for weapons and vehicles, and upgrades to each. You do not "lose your loot" on death. As far as looting your enemies, I'm not sure in PS2. In the first Planetside, you could strip faction-specific weapons from corpses and either use them or stash them in your locker.

4. Is it a FPS? Yes. Do you "Jump in/Jump out severs," no. You join a server like you would on any MMO, pick your faction, and look at where the most fighting is, or the base you want to try and capture, and go there through various means, usually in large numbers (the target continent cap in PS2 is 2000.)

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So far, the plan for the cash shop has not been revealed. Though they say it will resemble the LoL model of mostly aesthetic purchases. Therefore, it is for sure that "purchasing" new certifications is more likely the leveling mechanic, not the cash shop. So far.

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We'll find out more when the beta starts, hopefully the end of the week.

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