Looking to start an outfit on US East 1 with my fellow duders

#1 Posted by Huey2k2 (519 posts) -

I know this is not the first thread about an outfit on here, but I have been playing mostly solo on US East 1 and am looking for some fellow duders who are in the beta to start an outfit with me.

There are some stipulations of course, the outfit will be VS, and that is non negotiable.... because the VS are purple, and purple is awesome.

Anyone interested? I am currently playing mostly engineer, I typically am either flying a Gal, or screwing around in a Mag. It would be nice to get some people to do some semi-serious but mostly fun ops with.

Also if there is actually enough interest to do this, I am thinking about shelling out a little money to get a vent/TS/mumble server hosted, basically whatever the most popular choice among the outfit would be.

You can either hit me up here, or message me in game if you are interested in trying to do something. My characters name is ShootAllTheThings, and as I said, we will be playing US East 1, as VS.

Hope to see some of you in game!

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