(POLL) The inevitable Planetside 2 GiantBomb Outfit should be:

#101 Posted by xivia (16 posts) -

Shit I am happy to see i am not the only one to pick based on the sic riff of nc.

#102 Posted by Dezztroy (925 posts) -

@Extreme_Popcorn said:

New Conglomerate is the only faction to be, they have sick guitar music.

This, basically. Also, screw space-nazis and alien-lovers.

#103 Posted by VisariLoyalist (3088 posts) -

This game really suffers from the problem of all the beta players already knowing how to stomp new people. No interest at this point after trying it.

#104 Edited by Giantstalker (1873 posts) -

@VisariLoyalist said:

This game really suffers from the problem of all the beta players already knowing how to stomp new people. No interest at this point after trying it.

I never played in the beta and I'm doing fine. I think the biggest issue is that the combat classes/vehicles really need a lot of certs to get going.

If you stick to support, medic/engineer, you can get tons of points from healing, reviving, repairing and handing out ammo. It really does help the team out. Plus the guns and occasional grenade do kill people, but I try to avoid head on fights (because I'll probably lose). I think this is the best way for new players to get into the game, unfortunately Planetside 2 does nothing to tell you this.

My biggest gripe is that 5-6 gunships can roll in and just completely destroy everyone with their cannons, meanwhile any anti-air costs like 1000 certs to buy (I've been playing 2 days and have 250). Absolutely nothing I can do about that, so I just leave or log off. It sucks.

#105 Posted by OriginalYellow (148 posts) -

Cant speak for Vanu, but I made a NC after playing TR for the entire beta, the NC guns are MUCH more satisfying to shoot, the unquantifiable fps "feel" is better with their guns in my opinon.

Also im playing on Matheson right now if anyone cares =]

#106 Posted by ESREVER (2811 posts) -

Are there any GB focused outfits? I would prefer to roll with the New Conglomerate on Jaegar, but more importantly I just want to be part of a large outfit and get shit done. I like having orders and carrying them out. The GB community needs to be more organized about this game! Everyone seems scattered and doesn't seem like there is enough being done to rally everyone together.

Work together people! GB is the only "large" community I care to be involved with!

#107 Posted by BeautifulSpaceCowboy (658 posts) -

I've messed with each faction a little bit, but I really will be happy playing anything as long as the GB community is behind it.

#108 Posted by Greenshoes (315 posts) -

To be honest I dont care which side i play for, I would just really like to see a giant gang of duders fighting together.

#109 Posted by essi2 (156 posts) -

TR for LIFE!

#110 Posted by wordfalling (205 posts) -

Any TR on Jaegar? Or a Giant Bomb group anywhere?

#111 Posted by Jack_Lafayette (3794 posts) -

I've been running Terran on Connery (it's US West). If any other Bombers are there, shoot me a line so we can meet up.

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