possible to enjoy this game without spending a lot of cash?

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ive been enjoying the game for a little while now and i was thinking about getting some new gear but the in game currency takes soooo long to get i plaayed for like 3 hours last night and only got like 53 points.

If i spend actual money its $7 for a new rifle, plus if i want attachments for it that one weapon will end up costing near $20.

Are the upgrades worth it?

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I haven't spent any money and I've had a blast with the game. I've only put in 29 hours, but it's fun.

I agree that it takes forever to get certs, way too long in my opinion but that's how it goes I guess. Just keep playing normally and eventually you'll have enough to get some upgrades. I've felt that the base weapons are fine, but then again I have been spending most of my certs on class upgrades instead of weapons. I also think you can test out weapons or some upgrades (I know you can test vehicle upgrades and weapons, but I'm not sure about weapon upgrades) for a time to see if you like them before unlocking them.

I really hope that they have another "X exp weekend" thing, as I missed the last one and it seemed that you got a cert per kill.

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@spyder335 The only thing you can buy with cash is the gun itself. Certs are not purchasable outside of buying xp boots and gaining certs per the increased xp rate.

I've put in well over 200 hours in the game and to date have put in about $30 of Station Cash, and 3 months of premium membership (which gives you 500 SC per month). I've unlocked all the air guns I want, all the vehicle guns I want, all my MAX unlocks, and most of the infantry guns I want. I still have almost 1400 SC remaining. The key is to only buy things when they go on sale as pretty much everything will go on sale and is always 50% off.

As far as "Are the upgrades worth it?" If you're talking about guns, it all depends on your play style as all guns are side grades and have trade-offs that may work better with one player than another (clip size vs rate of fire vs recoil vs damage output vs range). If you're talking about the cert cost to upgrade a gun, unequivocally yes. Certs will allow you to stabilize recoil, put a better sight, change ammo types, add a grenade launcher, add a shotgun to the gun and really make it multipurpose.

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If you just get membership, you'll have enough certs and SC to have fun with it. My friend who is grinding it out says it's annoying if you want to do infi and vehicles, but is manageable if you specialize. Now that you can use everything for free in VR training and find out what you want, that's much less shitty of a proposition.

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Absolutely you can. People don't give the stock weapons enough credit. An upgraded stock weapon can be better than half of the guns that are for sale in the depot.

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Getting points will get faster as you go on. To be honest the stock weapons are usually the best for all around use. All of the guns are side great and there are a number of great guns that are available for 100-250 certs. Coming from someone who has spent 400+ hours and ~$400 on this game I would highly suggest trying everything in the VR training rooms. The guns available for purchase (whether it be in game or real money) can be better adapted to your play style. If you play either Terran Republic or Vanu Sovrenty on the Helios server, I would love to play with you.

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