So about that Artillery...

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I think most of us here can agree that the Gundam bots they added to PS was where most of the community threw up their hands and said "F*ck it." Core Combat... eh... not much better. Except the Artillery platforms. I loooooved coordinating artillery batteries. I've been lurking around the info that we have and I haven't seen it brought up (apologies if this was already covered) and was wondering if any of you guys had seen it being mentioned. Long-range fire support is an integral part to conventional warfare on this scale, so it would seem odd to me if it weren't included. Do you think that's a chapter best left out from PS's history? Should it (or maybe it is already) be one one of the mods you can put on a heavy armor chassis? Even with the proposed changes to the game mechanics from the first one, I'm still getting really excited for this, and I hope they can make good on the claim that this will spur on an evolution in modern FPS multiplayer to break away from meaningless matches and give a bit more depth to the genre.

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I haven't seen anything flail-esque, but with aircraft being so maneuverable and not much AA being shown off yet, I can't see how a Flail gunner could stay alive right now.

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