Some good flight tips!

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So you're not using a joystick?

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Joystick support seems to be pretty poor, I've got about 25% of my throw as deadzone, despite setting deadzone to 0.00 in the game, and seeing other games pick up the smallest movement...

Hopefully something they'll fix.

Pretty helpful video! I've been struggling to control the ESF's with my mouse, but with the current state of joysticks, I guess I'll have to get back to practicing.

I'm also not entirely sure how to handle my throttle, do you typically go full on and full off (and obviously using space to stay in the air), or use a more variable approach?

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I can't watch youtube videos here, but does it explain the process of getting aircraft and what, if any cooldowns there are? I've been looking around for info, but I can't find any on how easy it is to stay in aircraft most of the time. I really have no interest in infantry combat, but I loved flying around in PS1 and would like to do the same in 2.

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@CatsAkimbo: To get aircraft, you need to have enough aircraft resources to spawn one. I never played PS1, so I have no idea how it worked there. But in PS2, you get those resources every few minutes based on which facilities your faction has control over. Once you spawn one, you can stay in it until you get blown up. There's a cooldown timer on the specific sort of aircraft you get which starts when it gets destroyed (don't know what happens when you deconstruct it). Then you'll have to wait until that's done to spawn the same aircraft. But, this doesn't apply to the other types. So you can fly around in a fighter and get blown up, and have to wait for that timer to burn. But if you have enough resources, you can immediately spawn a bomber(?) or a Galaxy.

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@CatsAkimbo: The fighters (Empire Specific Fighters (EFS): Reaver (NC) / Scythe (VS) / Mosquito (TR)) have 15 minutes cooldown by default, which can supposedly be reduced to 5 minutes at most. The timer starts when you spawn the craft.

Like said, the fighters cost 200 "aircraft resources" (cap is at 700). Every few minutes you get a set amount of resources that depends on how well your empire is doing, but if you blow up a fighter every 15 minutes, you probably can't continually spawn new for a long time, and will eventually need to take a break or play as infantry (or get a tank, I suppose - ground vehicles have their own resource).

For comparison, the troop transport (Galaxy) costs 350 "aircraft resources", default cooldown at 20 minutes (can be reduced to 5min) while the Bomber (Liberator) costs 300 "aircraft resources" has a default cooldown of 20 minutes (can be reduced to 5 minutes).

For clarification: Reducing cooldown from the default to 5 minutes is going to take A LOT of playing.

Source: Planetside 2 wiki.

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@Ubersmake: @Mnemoidian: Thanks for the good info, sounds like you can't really stay in an aircraft 24/7 if you die a lot, but at least you don't fight with teammates over the limited use of them.

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I just tried to for the first time (mouse and keyboard) and it's fun. I'm still stuck in ARMA 2 mode, so I'm tilting my plane side to side and pulling up to turn; turns out all you have to do is use the W, A, S, D keys.

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Awesome. There are so many nuances to this game it's hard to keep track of them :P The spacebar trick and the 180 reverse is very useful.

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I need to watch this video. So far, I've crashed every flying vehicle within a minute of taking off. I've made sure to not take anyone else along for the death trips...

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@Zombienutz said:

I need to watch this video. So far, I've crashed every flying vehicle within a minute of taking off. I've made sure to not take anyone else along for the death trips...

As long as you don't leave the pilot's seat, aircraft are effectively invincible if you remain inside the warp gate bubble. Good for practicing basic controls. Just be careful not to flip yourself over on the ground, it ranges from difficult to impossible to right yourself depending on which aircraft you're piloting.

I'd also recommend binding Pitch Up and Pitch Down to your mouse thumb buttons if you have them. They make turns and evasive maneuvers easier because you don't have to move the mouse as far.

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@Ravenlight: Thanks for the info! I didn't realize staying in the warp gate bubble did that, but there is a lot I still don't really know. Again. Thanks :)

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yeh i was all set with joystick mapped , but that shitty ass deadzone , mouse is much easier .. mehhh .. plus i want the track-ir support the devs said theyw ere looking into when it was in beta

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But can you give me some good tight flips?

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This one's good for getting some tips on just managing the basic flight controls. The tips in the OPs link are great, but I'm not even at the point where I can take advantage of them.

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@BisonHero said:

But can you give me some good tight flips?

Up and Down arrow keys are the default "good tight flip" controls ;)

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I just love flying in this game. The ESF's feel so responsive and fast compared to planes in the Battlefield games. So easy to control too.

After saving up to 1000 certs during the double xp weekend, I bought the rocketpods for my mosquito along with IR vision. As soon as I got those I've been having killstreaks of anywhere between 20 and 100+ before I die. I never have to wait for the cooldown, whenever I die I can just buy a new plane. If you have the patience to play really safe, you'd practically never die in a ESF. Unless you get hunted down by other ESF's with air-to-air missiles, but those are pretty rare.

Personally I have no problem using my mouse, I have a joystick which I use with flight sims, but the mouse allows for much more precise aiming in PS2 for me. Having buttons on the mouse which allow to switch the sensivity helps alot. When in planes and tanks I have sky-high mouse sensitivity, which really helps with flying.

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