Who wants a key?

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This thread gives out PS2 keys. From the community, to the community.

FirePrince- Donated 1.

MosaicM80- Donated 1.

Mister_V- Donated 1.

#2 Posted by Garfield518 (402 posts) -

<-This guy.

#3 Posted by McGriddle550 (282 posts) -

I'd love one!

#4 Posted by Azteck (7449 posts) -

I do! My friends have it but I don't so now I feel all left out. :(

#5 Posted by Jrinswand (1713 posts) -

I do I do! Me me me!

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Edit: Mosaic has decided that he will also give out a key, here. More power to him.

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If I can get in here before the mods close this down, I have an extra key as well. Any duder want it?

On a side note, I hear Planetside 2 is a real beast. I hope my older machine can handle it okay (downloading now). I really need to build a new gaming rig.

#8 Posted by DerTypDaa (6 posts) -

i´d like one.

#9 Posted by Daveydave (131 posts) -

I'd love a key if anymore are going :)

#10 Posted by MosaicM80 (268 posts) -

Mine is gone. Have fun out there!

#11 Posted by twigger89 (287 posts) -

I'd love one

#12 Posted by FirePrince (1772 posts) -

Well, I guess if anybody else wants to give out a PS2 key, just post here now.

#13 Posted by Mister_V (1489 posts) -

I have a spare code. first person to PM me gets it

#14 Posted by Mister_V (1489 posts) -

Ok mine is gone.

#15 Posted by onarum (2437 posts) -
#16 Posted by Slow_pC (254 posts) -

I have one key left here .... feel free to pm and first one gets it

#17 Posted by Ravenlight (8011 posts) -
#18 Posted by Slow_pC (254 posts) -

and mine is gone

#19 Posted by Ninjakid7396 (291 posts) -

I'll drop this here


Let me know who gets it!

#20 Posted by localhost (19 posts) -

I'd give a key a good home.

#21 Posted by Killercombo (234 posts) -
#22 Posted by Snail (8690 posts) -
#23 Posted by Buzk (16 posts) -

is there a GB guilld on any of the eu servers? need someone to play with

#24 Posted by localhost (19 posts) -

@Killercombo: Nice one - got one too.

#25 Posted by G0rd0nFr33m4n (762 posts) -

here's a key i dont need



#26 Posted by ClairvoyantVibrations (840 posts) -

@G0rd0nFr33m4n: I got it. THANK YOU.

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Another key for someone: RK4N-ZJ2A-97KR-NH64-JZFE

#28 Posted by Dead_Cell (68 posts) -



#29 Posted by Genkkaku (740 posts) -

@Dead_Cell: I used the top one, Thanks heaps!

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#31 Posted by Psychonautics (21 posts) -

More key goodness! This game is a blast.


#32 Posted by Gustav (12 posts) -

@Psychonautics: Thanks a lot! I bought the alpha pack but accidentally deleted my giveaway key. Now I can play with a friend :)

#33 Posted by BonzoPongo (110 posts) -

C76K 77DX 92AD 99MJ P9J4

#34 Posted by hinq (17 posts) -

And another: AXPN-FZ2P-KPFC-JJ4H-A6MM

#35 Posted by L44 (583 posts) -

Can't wait till they put up the Australian server(s?), it's near unplayable with a ping of 190.

#36 Posted by kekenu (4 posts) -

@Dead_Cell said:



I helped myself to the second one. Much obliged! :)

#37 Posted by hugecool (2 posts) -

I'd really like to have one if people are still giving them out :)

#38 Posted by crazyleaves (656 posts) -

I'll take one, I just got a new card.

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